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  1. So happy Michael Irvin is gone

    The Playmaker is putting the fountain in his kitchen?
  2. 2007 Steelers Schedule

    Must be a typo here, Menudo. Rams 27 Steelers 24
  3. Pacman being Pacman

    Okay, I just read this story on yahoo: Chris Mitchell is the guy who took the bag of money. He owns a club in Houston & brought in the dancers for this show (because obviously Vegas does not have enough dancers ). It also states that he left with the bag before the melee started: " Mitchell "admits that he took the money in the bag belonging to Jones because he thought it was for the dancers," the warrant says. After Mitchell left Minxx Gentlemen's Club & Lounge, "a melee broke out," the warrant says. " I'm thinking we just but Pacman & Britney on a small boat somewhere & shove them out to sea. Maybe Howard K. Stern can go along too...
  4. Kellen Winslow Jr. Update:

    Nah, just a f'in soldier.
  5. Pacman being Pacman

    I don't get the whole prop thing. Is PacMan saying that he was going to throw all this money around & then it was going to carefully be re-collected & returned to him? This seems ridiculous. They do make prop "Hollywood" money that would have worked for PacMan's little "skit". I have only heard limited details onthis story. Is the club owner saying that once all hell broke loose, he went into Robin Hood mode by grabbing the bag of remaining money, booking out of the club with the idea of giving the money to the dancers? Did nee not stick around his own club while all of this crap was going down?
  6. Fitz playing or not?

    As I'm sure you know, there should be a space between the "1" and "p" in 1 pm.
  7. Chester Taylor

    Aren't we all?
  8. Anyone notice the turf in St. Louie.

    Another question about the field last night. I have been a Rams season ticket holder ever since they have been in town & saw something last night that I have never seen before. There were two very small white lights in the turf - right around the 30 & 35 yard lines right in the middle of the field. My friends & I were looking at them through binoculars after noticing them. We are totally baffled as to what these might be for. Later in the game, we noticed that they were no longer illuminated. Anyone have a clue? (And, before you ask, I only had two beers).
  9. Thursday Night Football

    The Browns on national TV? This is the first week that I am not bummed out about Charter Cable not offering the NFL Network!
  10. Peyton is an endorsement wh0re

    As long as we're counting, I think that Tiger pimps for more companies than Peyton. Just off the top of my head, I can think of crappy shoes from spammers, Buick, American Express, EA Sports & Tag Heuer Watches. I'm sure that there are many more. But, so what. Tiger is "self-employed" & can work the commitments in around his schedule. Certainly, you can not accuse Peyton of these endorsements cutting into his game preparation. And, besides, Peyton is damn funny in all of the TV spots that he does! More power to the both of them.

    Actually, the break-even is right around 52.5% with 10% vig. If one could consistently hit 60%, you could make a lot of money but would need a big bankroll (& larger cahonies).
  12. Is he in the lineup today?
  13. Any minute now...