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  1. Considering New England's defense is considerably weak this year, he has quite a few more opportunities to rack up points. He's an instinctive player and considering New England's other ILB tends to crash into the line all willy nilly his tackles are not being stolen.

  2. Being an Eagles fan myself, Laws has been a major disappoint, so far, in his short career. That being said, he was all over the field against the Jags. As keg stated though, he is a rotation guy and would be lucky to sniff those numbers again. Feel free to start him if we meet head-to-head at some point.

  3. from what i've been reading, the way his contract is set up a team can get him for the next 3 years for some 16 million total (don't quote me on that number i can't remember exactly what it is). he would have another bonus after those 3 years so it would probably end up being a team grabbing him for 3 years and then either a. paying the rest of the roster bonus or b. cutting him all together. we'll see i guess

    I thought I read that the Skins were looking for some monetary compensation in return if he was traded. I know for the frugal Eagles that they would never accept the contract that the Skins signed him for, but if you're correct it could have worked.

  4. And you want another way to protect our innocent men, women and children?


    We could completely and totally pull out of the Middle East, including supporting Israel. If our presence in the Middle East was completely gone, do you really think that terrorists would bother with us? What would be the point? Essentially, we wash our hands of the entire region and no longer deal with them in any capacity whatsoever.



    [Please note: I am not necessarily advocating this policy.]


    I believe we attempted this policy before WWII and we know how that worked out. Europe is still a shell of its former glory and will not step up to the plate to help police these "hot spots" and European nations continue to look towards the US to solve these issues. I'm not saying we need to stick our nose in everywhere or that we should nuke all comers, but I think total removal would also be a mistake on our part.

  5. Yes, but given what we know: that Ed Hardy fans wear too much hair product, work out 7 times a week, go to tanning salons, drive BMWs and spend way too much on t-shirts, then my money is on Mahi being a Ed Hardy wearer. Replace the tribal tattoo with a family crest and he's a slam dunk.

    That description is pretty spot on I'd have to say. The only differences being that he hasn't gotten the neon lights installed on his BMW yet and he will spend a cool $250 for spray-on jeans and t-shirts. Get rid of the trust fund and insert male stripper and I'll be damned...I work with this guy.

  6. Maz, you out there? I think we may know an Ed Hardy wearer.

    I'm thinking that the simple fact that I had to google Ed Hardy means I'm not a fan. The people wearing that crap look like they've hopped out of a comic book. And as someone mentioned earlier, where is the wolf trinity?

  7. You will have different experiences depending on whether you go north or south. Up north, you'll more than likely need a 4-wheel drive vehicle because you'll need to drive on the beach to get to the house. The upside is that it's less crowded and I know there used to be wild horses that roamed the area. It's pretty cool to wake up and watch the sunrise and then see twenty odd horses go running by. Towards the south it's more commercialized with plenty of things to do as a non-beach day. I believe the Kitty Hawk Dunes are in the south as well. I used to go every summer for close to ten years and haven't gone in some time. I am jealous...have a blast.