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  1. Am I missing something or is DeAngelo Williams being overvalued, in terms of draft position, ahead of DeShaun Foster? Seems that DeAngelo is going in the 4th round with DeShaun going in the 8th. It seems there is some 'expectation' that DeAngelo will get the bulk of the carries, but I'm not finding any real evidence thus far that his workload will be that much more than DeShauns that justifies this disparity. Some reports even list DeShaun as the starter still. Any thoughts?
  2. Larry Johnson

    This news is already affecting his draft position. There was a mock draft last night, keeper though, where he slipped to #6.
  3. Which players come to mind as benefitting from scoring where the individual player gets points for the Kick/Punt return TD in addition to the D/ST? And do you really bump them up in your rankings to account for this "unlikely" occurrence? I might consider it as tiebreaker if I'm on the fence between two players, but I don't think I would target guys because of this. Maurice Jones Drew is the one that comes to my mind.
  4. Current ADP - RBs

    Agree that Bush is too high. Chalk it up to the glamour factor. Bottom line is that his production will be neer on par with Westbrook. Where Bush slightly exceeds Westbrook (probably) in receptions, Westbrook compensates with in the additional rushing (no McCallister type to vulture carries). TDs ought to be about the same. If McCallister gets hurt, well then look out. So in essence he has more upside than Westbrook.
  5. Johnnie Morton

    Did he try work his "worm" dance into the fight to perplex his opponent?
  6. Hardball

    Their receiving corps has never been the same since that guy who did the "worm" left town.
  7. If you're starved for info on McNabb, this is relatively fresh content. (Monday AM interview) Worth listening too if you've got 20 minutes free. I'll warn you that it starts off a little slow. If you have high speed connection, go ahead and skip to the halfway point. Some interesting background on the interviewer, Angelo Cataldi, is that this is the clown who organized the caravan of fans up to the NFL draft where they booed him. (He wanted Ricky Williams!) A somewhat entertaining interview overall. There are some fantasy considerations regarding talk about his receivers, the pass/rush ratio, and his rehab, but this doesn't come until about half way. Donovan has a lot of praise for Reggie Brown, but notes that he hasn't had any time with Kevin Curtis (so if you're excited about Kevin, slow down a bit). Of course some references to Terrell Owens as well, and McNabb implies that the presence of TO was partially to blame for their "inefficiency" on drives late in the Super Bowl. (They can't let that die).
  8. Homer sites?

    I think I can help out with some additional ones. This link has quite a few ones not on the list posted above:
  9. Tarvaris Jackson

    Watching this guys is truly painful. I can't believe, given Brad Childress' history in a potent Philly offense, that they haven't given themselves any better options behind him besides Bollinger and Drew Henson. That game last year against Green Bay (where he put up that monster 10-20 and 50 yds passing line) reminded me of the old Doug Pederson era in Philly. Doesn't help the value of Chester Taylor or Adrian Peterson either with this guy in there. The lines will be stacked.
  10. Fresh Thurs night expert draft

    A fresh expert draft from Thursday night. Looks like a "B" list (no offense) of experts. Interesting choices. CJ in first round, Palmer before Manning, and Matt Schaub the 11th QB. Nice chart they provide though...
  11. McNabb Trade Rumor/Theory

    To even suggest such a thing implies some retardation on McKee's part. The only thing more ridiculous would be to suggest that the Cowboys are trading for him so he and TO could "reunite". Must be a terribly slow news day.
  12. Another Experts Draft Results - PPR League

    Looks like a colorized version of this draft is available now. Much easier to read and see where the position runs are happening.
  13. The Huddle was in this one. Is for GURU Magazine. Wow. Shaun Alexander down to seven. Understandable with the PPR, but I think Addai is living off that end of year run. Not sure we see production worthy of this high a pick. I'll still take Westbrook over him in a PPR. Round One 1.02 1. Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB Wed May 16 12:32:54 p.m. ET 2007 1.02 2. KFFL Johnson, Larry KCC RB Wed May 16 1:02:14 p.m. ET 2007 1.03 3. Fanball Jackson, Steven STL RB Wed May 16 1:02:23 p.m. ET 2007 1.04 4. CBS Gore, Frank SFO RB Wed May 16 1:02:38 p.m. ET 2007 1.05 5. Addai, Joseph IND RB Wed May 16 1:03:08 p.m. ET 2007 1.06 6. Fantasy Index Bush, Reggie NOS RB Wed May 16 1:03:39 p.m. ET 2007 1.07 7. The Huddle Alexander, Shaun SEA RB Wed May 16 1:03:39 p.m. ET 2007 1.08 8. Westbrook, Brian PHI RB Wed May 16 1:04:56 p.m. ET 2007 1.09 9. Yahoo! Sports Maroney, Laurence NEP RB Wed May 16 1:05:31 p.m. ET 2007 1.10 10. Henry, Travis DEN RB Wed May 16 1:06:01 p.m. ET 2007 1.11 11. Fantasy Sports Magazine Parker, Willie PIT RB Wed May 16 1:06:11 p.m. ET 2007 1.12 12. Foxsports Johnson, Rudi CIN RB Link to all results at
  14. My first draft of the year II

    6th pick appears to be a tough spot. Seems like we have a "Big 5" this year. (Last year we had the big 3). Noticed that you used your 5th AND 6th pick on QB's??? One of the advantages of the "best ball leagues" is that you can take some lower tier QB's later and still benefit from their stats when they have their occasional big games. What was the thinking here?
  15. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    Don't be surprised if the speculation on them parting ways heats up this year. Interesting interview on local Philly radio this past week. Link at