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  1. Trade Help

    if that counter even gets considered i will laugh!! CLUELESS
  2. Report on Packers WR situation

    they swept skins last year...yea it was real hard beating them even once...we've owned them since 98...look at their head-to-head record past 9 years...and try knowing what your talkin bout..
  3. Tiering System

  4. Report on Packers WR situation

    i admit they may not sweep them both, but they did sweep WAS last year, and they will next year too, while maybe losing @NYG. jets will be tough, but they wont lost to all 3. so, as i said 10 wins are attainable.
  5. Report on Packers WR situation

    Dallas 2007-08 Schedule Week 1 - NYG W Week 2 - @MIA W Week 3 - @CHI L Week 4 - StL W Week 5 - @BUF W Week 6 - NE L Week 7 - MIN W Week 9 - @PHI L Week 10 - @NYG W Week 11 - WAS W Week 12 - NYJ W Week 13 - GB W Week 14 - @DET W Week 15 - PHI W Week 16 - @CAR L Week 17 - @WAS W just based off of team rating and how they got better. the NFC East got worse this offseason, so PHI should be DAL only cometition in the division, so i split theyre games. now i know theyll be a couple of games in there tht dallas will lose to a lesser team, but you can also expect them to win 1 against the better teams. so, a couple of randm L's and a W in the place of one on there, and with their schedule it is very possible to win 10 games. you may not like dallas, but you have to respect their talent at skill position players. GB will be better on defense, no doubt. but i dont see that offense doing just a hell of a lot with that RB core.but, hey anythings posssible in that WEAK division. but i do respect yalls opinion just dont discount the boys because you dont like them...
  6. Report on Packers WR situation

    exactly dallas didnt lose anyone, and got better on the oline and dline so the experience helped. okay, so green bay only got a year of experience then they lost their starting RB!!!!! think thatll effect them?! what ya want, the fact you thought drew henson was our QB (when he NEVER played in agme ) lets me no you know absolutely nothing bout this topic.
  7. Report on Packers WR situation

    th same skins that every single expert and ESPN as finishing a distant third?!... i didnt base my arguement on it, just the fact that you thought henson was our staring QB makes me not care AT ALL bout your opinion, since its obvious your IQ is low on that subject. i mean comeon the romo/bledsoe thing was everywhere and henson was like 3years ago!?... and fighting the skins for 2nd...thats funny...theyre defense is slow and they only have 2 players that do anythin on offense (portis and moss) both injured last season. good try though, go learn a little more on the subject before i make fun of your QB situation with Ramsey and the coaching of spurrier...!!
  8. Report on Packers WR situation

    haha...henson?!?! you mean romo? henson never started at QB for dallas...good try though. you wtch...i mean dallas was right at 10-6 last season and they only got better, and the rest of the division got substantially worse than what they were projected at at the beginning of last season.
  9. Report on Packers WR situation

    look at their schedule...and their personel is only better and more experienced if anythin. how did the pack get better again?...o yea they didnt they just lost their starting RB. youre telling me that GB is a better team than Dallas, cuz if you were i also needed a good laugh!!
  10. Top three round dark horses

    i was mainly talking bulger and hackett...bulger coud be top tier QB in 5th...instead of 2nd or 3rd. and hackett could turn into good #2 WR option late in 8th or 9th round...hass has to throw to someone to get his normal 3300-3900 pass yards...
  11. Tiering System

    kinda...but im bored at work so humor me!...haha any help i get on it would be awesome...for free
  12. Tiering System

    THE OFFICIAL MORRIS TIER OF FANTASY FOOTBAL COMING LATER TONIGHT FOR DEBATE AND USE Tier-man, morris0311, will be ranking: top 15 QBs, top 30 RB or RBBC, top 40 WR, top 12 TE and top 15 D/ST so, be ready to critique, agree, disagree, and give suggestions!...coming soon to a new thread near you
  13. Top three round dark horses

    i believe that guys such as : Bulger, Addai, hackett, maroney...and a couple of other guys are gonna be some great value picks!'s what i mean...every single guys hear will put up numbers cmparable and sometimes exceeding those of players taken before them at their position. Also, these guys will allow you not to use a higher pick for someone lower; it will allow to wait til the right time to pick these guys up. just to use bulger as an ezxample....hes IMO my 4-5 QB and will put up numbers comparable to all of the brady, palmers....etc. yet, he'll be around in rounds 5-6 in most drafts, thus letting you get depth by drafting maybe RB/RB/WR/RB/WR/QB....then maybe to draft a stud BAL or CHI D...or going for some depth at WR... i believe drafting is about assessing how much difference there really is between two players and to be able to wait until the "same quality" of position is available at a later point in the draft... ANYONE WANNA GET A MOCK GOING!!?!?!? id love to get in one!
  14. Report on Packers WR situation

    might be just a homer pick here but Green Bay, with the loss of RB and no major improvements other than another year experience wont do any better than last year ill say they finish 7-9 at best. dallas on the other hand is looking poised to do what they shouldve been ablle to do last season, but now thye got a coach that fits them more. romo has time to mesh with terry, witten, and TO. RB duo is tough and wade always improves the defense where ever he goes. Dallas finish at worst 10-6.
  15. Rehashing Dallas 1st draft pick

    i mean i know that Dallas is gambling with Romo. but, the potential that spencer has to be another ware-type guy, makes that a vaunted front 7. but with two 1st round picks next year, they can target a RB (McFadden ) and then maybe even another QB in the mid-1st round or another OLine man to take Flozell place when he retires soon. overall, their draft and potential is still top 5 in NFC and with a potential for a top 5 pick next year and a great rb...GREAT DRAFT. (or at least very good )