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  1. Future Hall Of Famers

    I don't think Tiki makes it. Strahan is the only player on the Giants I think will make it.
  2. Interesting work issue

    I would leave it alone. It's not worth potentially creating friction over, especially considering he is the boss and as you said he tends to get pissy. Pick your battles and this one isn't worth fighting.
  3. Hoboken Huddlers!

    I rehabed my shoulder at Ivy Rehab in Hoboken.
  4. LT2

    He's pretty good.
  5. Action Park

    That Alpine slide was fun, but I knew many people who got messed up on it. I luckily escaped unharmed. Some of the water rides were ok too. As far as skiing there during the winter, it's strictly a beginner's hill. Absolutely nothing even remotely challenging.
  6. Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

    Nigel's big solo in "This is Spinal Tap." I forget the song, but he went off.