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  1. favorite football announcer

    the only time I like him is when he is calling aSteelers game!
  2. Defensive ends in a 4-3 scheme

    Both the Cowboys ends, Canty and Spears are right at 300lbs. Are they just the product of Parcells scheme?
  3. Are most pass rushing defensive ends in a 4-3 scheme really nothing more than outside linebackers? Jason Taylor, Dwight Freeney, and Michael Strahan struggle to stay above 255 by the end of the season. Julius Peppers is the only pass rushing end that is above 280 and can handle the run effectively. In a 3-4 scheme many linebackers are bigger than DE in a 4-3. Is there a just a shortage of athletic players on the defensive side that way over 275?
  4. favorite football announcer

    Who are your favorite NFL & College football announcers? For me it is definately Keith Jackson'' Whoa Nellie''
  5. Draft picks - Who will be the busts?

    JaMarcus Russell is going to have a really hard time because he will be expected to carry that SORRY offense in Oakland. He has no help on the horizon. A big arm may be impressive in workouts but it takes more than that to be successful in NFL.
  6. league leader in sacks

    Which player will lead the league this year in sacks ?
  7. best O-line of all time

    And you left out the best lineman of all-time in Larry Allen
  8. Meanest Offensive Lineman

    Oh the things he did to Merlan Olson
  9. best O-line of all time

    combined was what I was thinking. Guys that did it all well
  10. best O-line of all time

    What team had the best O-line of all-time? Are the ''hogs '' the best; or could it be the Cowboys of the 90`s with Tuinei, Newton, Donaldson, Allen & Williams? Maybe it was The Steelers line of the 70`s or The Rams when they had Jackie Slater. Or do you have another O-LINE Iin mind that was the best of the best?
  11. Expectations

    I think that in a weak NFC that the Cowboys shouls make the playoffs. The O-lone should be better than last year. Resigning Columbo & Gurode was a good start. Davis was paid too much money but that was the going rate. My only real concern is Flozell adams and his level of play. If he is motivated ( and he is in a free agent year] then he will play at an all-pro level. The WR`S are very talented and if Eldorado keeeps the meltdown to a minimum then they are set. And Jason Witten is a 3time pro-bowler at 25yrs old. The RB`S tandem is very solid and I think by years end that Barber will be the starter a nd will have a 1000yd season. The defense should benefit greatly from Phillips agressive blitzing and pressure style. DL should be solid and Canty & Spears should be much better with the departure of Parcells conservative style The `Boys are loaded at LB. Ware will be scary in the blitzing schemes and if Ellis is healthy( and that is a big if) then the defense has 2 major pass rushers. And if Spencer turns out to be as advertised then watch out. Db`s should get help from much more pressure on passer. Newman is best cornerback not to make probowl and they have alot of depth with Glenn. Williams will be finally in his element by being witin 5 yards of scrimmage. Romo is the big question. He will make or break team. If He excels in Garretts new Offensive system then the Cowboys will challege for NFC crown
  12. best & worst jerseys

    thanks for the info.
  13. It is just more evidence that Eli is the most overrated players in the league. I bet about now that lots of gi-ANTS fans are wishing they had Philip Rivers
  14. best & worst jerseys

    Who has the coolest, best looking spamshirts and who has the ugliest , worst spamshirts in the NFL???
  15. all-time a favorite NFL players

    WOW a John Brodie fan, you must be an old timer if you watched him play!