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  1. Big 12 championship

    So who does everyone think will be the most likely to play in the Big 12 championship this year and who is your suprise replacement? For my money I'm gonna have to go with : Nebraska v OU Darkhorse: A&M and mizzou
  2. Sanctions for Oklahoma come down today

    Lets look at NC by conference since 2000 Big 12 : 2 ACC : 1 Big 10: 1 ACC : 1.5 (split national championship) Pac 10: 1.5 (Split national championship) Yea it really is an irrelevant conference...Only 2 national championships in the last 7 years....
  3. Big 12 championship

    with those two playing i call that an amazing upset.....the south would have to be really bad to not even be represented
  4. Can Les Miles shut up now?

    LSU plays in a tough conference, no debating that. But you can't knock USC for being a great team in a not quite as good conference. LSU wont make the title game, but they might be able to get some sweet seats for it if they start waiting now...
  5. my team..advice or comments

    I would kill to draft in a league where the bears go in the second round. Your RB's have huge possibilities in edge and cadillac. Could be good trade bait if they start out strong. Your D might struggle since its offense conists of MJD and a bunch of so -so wideouts. The playoff picture is looking bright for you. Good luck
  6. Which draft slot should I take?

    If you think Jackson will fall to you at 4 I would go with that. If the questionable pickers are after you, they will make 2 questionable picks before it gets back to you. Could leave you with a good RB 2 or a strong WR 1.
  7. Here's my problem. I pick 10th in the draft (12 team league). The League is PPR and QB td = 6 pts. S-draft What RB should I hope for to still be there at 10. On my second pick (15th overall), And should i shoot for a stud WR like steve smith, or pick up a second RB?
  8. 6 pts for passing td's.

    I've played in a 12 team 6 pt td QB league for several years. Peyton is justifiable as a 1st round pick. Palmer and Brees are 2nd round at best. Be careful about waiting till the 5th or 6th round. In my experience, a run on QB's starts around the 4th. I waited til after that last year and got stuck picking between romo and grossman from week to week. Depending on that run happening I would say late 4th/early 5th is when you want to go if you want a decent QB. The Studs will be gone by early third though.