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  1. 2022 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    Oh well, one more time for both sheets!
  2. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    Hey Irish! Guess I'll do 8, again!
  3. OG Check-In

    Did somebody say "old"?
  4. How come nobody has a comment???

    1. irish


      You're in my super bowl pool yearly, so I wanted to see if you wanted in on my playoff fantasy contest for $20. More details in the thread in the main NFL forum.

  5. SuperBowl Squares #2

    Dammn, saw you had posted, and assumed you were going to split your ill-gotten gains! Oh well, see you in the real world - HOT!
  6. SuperBowl Squares #2

    So after all the years of getting those 9-8s and 5-5's, this one I get a lock: Colts 7 Bears 4! With Vinatieri kicking, this shoud be easy. Wait, he MISSED an EP??????? It's only SIX to 14???? Alchico gets MY money????? Oh well, at least I finished in the top 170 in the Smackbowl.

    Maybe you should line out those loser Seahawks before you bump!
  8. The Ram -- Rush For 2000 Results

    1 TheGrunt 1912 2 BengalGrrl 1737 3 s2dor 1721 4 IronMaiden 1717 Don't you feel a little bad for beating up on girls?
  9. How far have we come?

    I'm assuming bOb is THE bOb Of the nOrth, who is still in our Rage league though he doesn't post much on message boards any more. He's gotten quite old I believe!
  10. How far have we come?

    Ah remembering the good old days when I was still young! Oh wait, it was only 1997 - I was already old then too! Thanks for all the great years!
  11. Leftwich added to injury report -- Questionable

    Kitna is available in my 12 team league, with 15 roster spots. BUT, I picked up Bruce Gradkowski to replace Leftwich if necessary! After all DMD said he'd have a better game than Kitna!
  12. It should be an interesting Monday Night

    Gee you got it easy! I need Jennings +20 in one league, Westbrook +45 in another. Oh yeah, and McNabb + LJ Smith under 23. I think I'll not watch Monday night!
  13. I was just offered...

    Perhaps you should cut back your time here by about five or ten minutes. Then you won't have wasted that time from whatever else you do that is so much more important than knowing the rules.
  14. Anybody remember Heffa?

    We were the FIRST ever 'Survivor' FF Game, started 7 years ago. I know some of you were interested a couple of years ago. Well if so, come on over to and check us out and post your interest. We do have room for at least one.
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