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  1. Biggest surprise and loser of the season!

    I can't agree on the Detroit thing. A winning team needs a strong run game to run out the clock once they have the lead. Detroit can't do that. They can't control the ball the way the Saints did last year, and Detroit's D is not strong enough to carry them. Detroit will turn the ball over too much with the amount of passing they do to be a winning team IMO.
  2. Vick vs Brees

    I really enjoyed watching Brees in college and I was impressed when he came in to take over for Flutie early on. He just seemed to spark the offence. Can't say I saw much of Vick in college, and I don't watch many Atlanta games so I never really understood the hype. I saw the highlights on ESPN and he looked like a great runner, but his passing stats have always been horrible. When Atlanta was winning, he got all of the credit despite his stats. People would defend him by saying that it's not about the stats-Vick just wins games. Well, when the team around him wasn't as good, he wasn't winning games and he wasn't able to carry the team. This may actually turn into a good thing for Atlanta, since they can go forward with a new QB and not have to build the offence around Vick. Of course, that would be easier if they hadn't traded Schaub, but they did get an excellent deal for him. Looks like they'll be a bottom feeder for a while until they can rebuild at QB (and maybe RB), but in the long run might be a better team for it.
  3. Culpepper released

    Wow. Didn't think it would happen this fast. So where does he go? Raiders? Jags? Not really a great long-term solution for him in either of those places.
  4. Jared Allen suspension reduced to 2 games

    No, it's not Hugh, it's Jared.
  5. Auction vs Draft...........have you played both?

    Thanks for your insightful comment. You said that snake drafts weren't just for newbs. I asked you why an experienced player would choose a snake draft over an auciton. You responded with an emoticon. Thanks for coming out.
  6. Auction vs Draft...........have you played both?

    I've played in both and that's my opinion. Have you played in both types? If so, why would you choose a snake draft over an auction if you know anything about football? Don't you want to be able to do your homework and get the players you want? Redraft's ok for a free Yahoo league I guess, but why would you put money into a league and not be able to get who you want?
  7. Lee Evans?

    Peerless Price and Roscoe Parish. Not very good, but no worse than last year.
  8. Freeney signs $72 million deal with Colts

    Easy to say he was overpaid, but if the Colts didn't pay him someone else would have. And who would they have used to replace him? Tough to find guys of his calibre who can consistently pressure the opposing QB. They lost too many other pieces in free agency to let Freeney go too.
  9. Auction vs Draft...........have you played both?

    I used snake drafts when I was learning about fantasy football. Once I wanted to really start playing fantasy football, I changed to auctions. There's really no comparison. People who are new or don't know much about football find a snake draft easier because they can just pick from a cheat sheet. But all experienced players should be in an auction format. Why play in a league where the players you get are dictated by your draft position? Use an auction, and get who you want. And the better players will do more homework and get better deals in the auction.
  10. Lee Evans?

    I think the Bills will be passing more this year. They have a brutal schedule against the run, and their defence took some major hits in the off-season. Lynch is a good receiver out of the backfield, and I think the staff has more confidence in Losman now. They'll also be playing from behind allot. All that should add up to even better numbers for Evans.
  11. Chad vs. Houshmanzadeh

    I can't understand why you'd pay extra for the same production. CJ and TJ will have about the same yardage and TD's, but CJ will cost allot more. Why would you pay that? Except for two monster games, CJ had a pretty bad year last year. It's great to win those two weeks, but what about the rest of the season from a guy that's supposed to be your #1 WR? Take TJ at a cheaper price and use the extra pick/cash to improve your roster elsewhere.
  12. Edgerrin James

    Fantasyindex had some interesting thoughts on him. Edge typically likes the stretch play, which he ran in Indy allot. Sounds like the new coaching staff wants him to be a more straight-ahead runner and to hit the holes quickly, which may take some adjustment. It'll be interesting to see how he adapts. I think he makes a good RB2 for this year, but wouldn't want him any higher than that.
  13. QB's 5 thru 15

    At least Vick has some first round pick WR's to throw to, and a good TE. He has no excuse to suck. Young may turn into a good passer but he's throwing to a bunch of practice squad cast-offs.
  14. Having a real crappy day at work, and that made me laugh out loud. Thanks.
  15. He looked good in the 2nd half of last year, and considering that Rod Smith won't play until the final preseason game at the earliest, he should be considered for taking a flyer on. I don't think anyone expects the #2 WR on a run-first offence to be starting for you, but he could put up some decent numbers as a bye-week fill-in.