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  1. Keep Frank Gore or Shawn Alexander

    I like Gore , don't get me wrong. I am just saying is some fantasy ballers have a short memory. Gore only had 8 tds rushing last year and only had 3 with 600 yds rushing the year before, and he plays on a bad team which generally doesnt bode too well for rb's. All I am saying is taking him high is a risk.
  2. Keep Frank Gore or Shawn Alexander

    let me play devils advocate for a second, does anyone remember 2 yrs ago a rookie rb had a big year and everyone was touting him as the next big thing. His name was Caddy Williams. Now you can probably get him in the 3rd rould. I am not saying that Gore will go that way but he has had only 1 good year( and it was only good,not great) So if this IS a keeper league, which was not stated in by the OP, u prob go with Gore If a redraft I am not so sure i risk my season on Gore and making a bad pick in round one can definately risk ur season.
  3. Rate my 4 KEEPERS !

    QB- Peyton Manning- 3.2156 RB- Larry Johnson- 7.5697 RB- Willis McGahee- .05478 WR- Steve Smith- 4.1258
  4. McNabb or Bulger

    "McNabb would have been the top scoring QB in the league last year had he not gotten hurt" and if my Aunt had balls she'd be my Uncle I would take Bulger, but McNabb not too far behind
  5. Keeper (3 Years)

    I think the only way u can take SJax is if u make a trade with the guy who has pick 2, if u want SJax get him but don't give away LT , make someone pay to get him. Also, S. Alexander only had one down year and it was because of injury, so I wouldn't get too down on him and call him"run of the mill"
  6. Have to Keep Four of These Guys...Not Easy

    I wouldnt keep Clayton , Mark or Mike. I have seen nothing that leads me to believe he is the #1 WR on the Ravens, even if he is thats like being #3 on almost any other team. Benson,Davis, Cotch and Jennings
  7. Darrell Jackson, Andre Johnson, Reggie Brown

    lets just end this now, D-Jax, Brown and Curtis all are #3wr's at this point in their respective careers. D-Jax is always hurt and playing with a young and inexp QB, Curtis has not, I repeat NOT done anything to suggest he will be a #1 wr, and Brown has also been very inconsistant . But gun to my head ,I think Brown being that magical 3rd year WR ,I would lean toward him.
  8. which player to keep?

    I couldn't have said it better myself. I agree completely
  9. Pick a RB

    OK 350 might be a bit of a stretch but hes gonna get close to 20 a game most games so he should get at least 280-300 (barring injury of course) at maybe a 3.8 -4.0 ypc . With Eli's struggles and playing in the Northast ,I am sure that Coughlin is gonna want to run as much as possible. I like him to score 12 times on the ground , as he won't be removed in goalline situations. All of which puts him to be somewhere around 12-16th in the league.
  10. Pick a RB

    Let's get this straight, you think that Jacobs will be a top 12 back this year? If not then he would be a #2 back. And unless Dunn gets injured Norwood will split carries so he wouldn't even be a top 20 back , which would put him as a borderline 2 or 3 . So I don't quite understand your post.
  11. Dynasty League trade

    Put down the Bong !
  12. Offensive Rookie of the Year

    Marshawn Lynch - Bills
  13. Pick a RB

    Atlanta does NOT have a better offense then NY, in fact its not even close the other way. Vick is garbage, has been and always will be, not the Eli has been great but the potential is there. The WR are so bad most people could'nt name either starter. The best offensie weapon is Crumpler and hes not even better then Shockey. As for the rb's , Jacobs will be the primary ballcarrier this year with probably 350 rush att. Droughns will be a 3rd down back and spell Jacobs now and again. I would probably go with Jacobs over Norwood but I dont see either of them as more than a good #2 with Norwood being more of a #3.
  14. Trade Fitz & Caddy for Parker & 1st round pick?

    keep Fitz ,and make the original trade