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  1. Rookie wideouts

    who are your top 5 rookie Wr's this year in terms of fantsy production?
  2. Will this work?

    Okay, 10 team keeper, keep 8. I have the 10th pick in the draft, other guy has 4th. I have so-so RB's. He has crap Rb's. Mytop two are Portis and T.Jones. His are McGahee and K.Jones. I offered him the following trade because I think i may be able to grab T. Henry at the 4th spot. Igive: 1st round pick (10), 4th round pick(31), and A. Green I get: 1st round pick (4), 5th round pick (44) Will this work? am i giving too little?

    Ok here's3 "stages". Stage 1 is the original roster. Stage 2 is after 1 trade. Stage 3 is after another trade. This is a ten team keeper, we keep 8, start 2 QBs, 2RBs, 3WRs, 1TE,1K, no defenses. I have the 10th pick in the draft. Stage 1 McNabb, Brees, Portis, T.Jones, Plax, Marvin, Ward, Shockey. Picks: 1st rd(10th), 2nd rd(11th), 3rd rd(30th), 4th rd(31st), 7th rd(70th), 8th (71), and 2 9th rnd picks Stage 2 McNabb, Brees , Portis, Westy, Plax, MArvin, Ward, Shockey. Picks: 2nd rd(11th), 3rd rd(30th), 4th rd(31st), 7th rd(70th), 8th (71), and 2 9th rnd picks. Stage 3 McNabb, Brees, Rudi, Westy, Stallworth, Marvin, Ward, Shockey. Picks:2nd rd(11th), 3rd rd(30th), 4th rd(31st), 7th rd(70th), 8th (71), and 2 9th rnd picks. Which stage/situation puts me in the best situation to win?
  4. Poll : Pick the better keeper

  5. Keepers

    If you start only 1 QB, I hate to say it, but leave Bulger behind. Maybe you can trade him for a better RB than either brown/Jones.
  6. Ok, heres the scenario...This is a 10 team, keep 8 league, we start 2 QB's, 2 RB's 3 WR's, a TE, and K. NO DEFENSES in this league. It is also total points league. My projected 8 keeepers are: McNabb, Brees, Portis, Westy, Marvin, Ward, Plax, and Shcokey. The other guy's keepers are probably gonna look like: Rivers, T. Green, Rudi, Deuce, TO, Stallworth, TJ Houshyourdaddy, and maybe Witten/Mike Bell/Rhodes/Charlie Frye/Tatum Bell. The trade I am looking to propose is as follows: I give Portis and Plax, I get Rudi and Stallworth. Here's my reasoning, obviously Portis is a lesser value than Rudi because he will now be sharing the ball, but in the games he started, he averaged over 15 points per game last year. I feel it's safe to say he'll average about 12. Burress is the only deep threat on the Giants, for the most part. He, in our league averaged 14.7 points through 15 games(we utilize the point per reception). That total is about 26.7-27 points per game. Rudi in our league averaged 14 per game last year, and he should put up similar numbers again. Stallworth, should see a drop off in #'s now that he has joined the Pats. he is the #2 WR on an offense that spreads the ball a lot. Stallworth, through his 11 starts last year, averaged 12.72 points. He will probably see a drop in those numbers, so let's say about 11.25 points/game. That puts the other tandem (Rudi and Stallworth) at 25.25-26 points/game. If you agree with my numbers, that puts the Portis plax combo ahead of the rudi stallworth duo by a point per game. Which, in my book, is pretty dang even. If you were me would you propose this trade? If you were the other guy would you accept it? My 8 keepers afterwards: Brees, Mcnabb, Westy, Rudi, Marvin, Ward, Stallworth, Shockey His: T.Green, Rivers, Portis, Deuce, TO, Housh, Plax, and I'm unsure of who his 8th would be. Any help is VASTLY appereciated.
  7. This is a ten team keeper league, we start 2 Qb's, 2rbs, 3 wrs, 1 te and 1k. We keep 8. I current;y plan on keeping McNabb, Brees, T.Jones, Portis, HArrisson, Ward, Plax, and Shockey. As you can see, this team is pretty strong, but it lacks a big time #1 running back. So I devised the following plan: I give T.Jones and my 1st round draft pick (10th overall) and I get Westbrook. This guy is porbably keeping Peyton, Hasselbeck, SA, westy, Edge, R. Moss, Deion Branch and either todd heap or reggie brown. He has the 4th overall pick, and if he went through with this could also have the tenth. He could grab a RB like Peterson, Lynch, or even Travis Henry (who will be available in our draft) and then with the tenth pick go after a rookie wideout or Colston if he's left on the board. I would still have the 11th pick overall (snake draft) and probably take a young WR, because mine are getting old, or maybe a 3rd RB. Please let me know if you think the trade is fair, if it seems to benefit my team, and wheter or not I am giving too much or too little. Any and all help is appereciated
  8. My first draft this year.What do you think?

    Not too bad. Quarterback obvious injury risk, Wr's not bad- Galloway's a ? though. #2 Rb's a bit thin, but he should get some goal line carries, so not to bad there. Defense is strong. I'd probably rate this team a 7.5 out of ten. definitely not too bad for a rook.