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  1. Caddy

    bahaha.... nice morning chuckle.
  2. It was only a matter of time

    Wow. I can't relate to that sort of bond, but I feel you dawg.
  3. Stern is on now

    Don't forget your skates. I reckon the whole skating aspect of the NHL ref plays into their compensation. Skating is hard work and not everyone can do it well enough to ref NHL probably.
  4. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    And too little talent for too many teams.
  5. Arthur Blank to speak at 4 PM EST

    From "...we believe that a decision to release Vick is unlikely to come until after he commits a default (in his contract), and after the team initiates an effort to recover bonus money previously paid to him. By our calculations, Vick is potentially on the hook for more than $28 million if he misses Thursday's training camp practice without written consent of the team to attend his arraignment. Likewise, the repayment obligation will be triggered if he is suspended by the team or the league. By cutting him before he is in default, the Falcons would lose their ability to pursue the bonus money. Also, by cutting him after he is in default but before they secure a ruling that the money is owed, it's possible that the Falcons will have waived their claims." If that's correct, they probably won't cut him till he's in default and they can go after the $28 million they gave him in signing bonus money. That would be after Thursday when camp opens.
  6. What if...

    This would all be different if he were indicted on drug charges that stemmed from pain killers or something self-destructive. Then you could feel sorry for him. The fact that animal torture is involved, and in such grizzly detail, it's going to be damn near impossible for him to rehabilitate his image. How do you feel sorry for someone involved in animal torture? Particularly someone rich and famous? For some people that's right up there with the worst crimes you can commit. To what degree he's involved is debatable, but at the very least, he owned the property where it all occurred. So he is "involved". How on earth did the Falcons not know this was going on? They clearly didn't, because you don't give $100 million dollar extensions to guys that you know could get into this much trouble. I guess you can't know everything your players do, but don't you pay close attention to what your stars are doing? Especially the ones you give all your money? The whole thing is just awful all the way around.
  7. I can not put into proper words........

    I've been limping through June and July on a diet of TiVO'd NFL Replay games from last season, draft board tweaking, mock drafts, and new Huddle items. Oh, and I'm a junkie for that site. I wish I could embrace baseball. Not happenin. BUT, TC's are upon us! The peasants rejoice!
  8. Vick

    I think the number one way that losing Vick affects the Falcons is that it changes the way all defenses in the league gameplan for the Falcons. They become an ordinary gameplan for opposing defenses versus one where they have to account for Vick's athleticism. NFC South defensive coaches must be crossing their fingers and getting ready to pass rush the snot out of Harrington. Atlanta's offensive problems are only compounded by taking away that dimension. Of course, more than a couple offensive issues are due to Vick in the first place, so maybe they'll cancel each other out? Also, an incident like this has a long hangover. It must suck to be a Falcon player right now. Your season may already be shot.
  9. ESPN Mock Drafts

    Bah, frustration post. I was more disturbed by last seasons bye week info than anything else. As far as, "don't read it" goes... yeah right. I'll just close my eyes next time.
  10. ESPN Mock Drafts

    (Walks to wall, pulls switch) Rant = *ON* How am I suppose to "not read" when this dreck pops up every 10 seconds: "so what do you guys think gore v jackson?" "ok how about LJ v gore?" At least on FFCalculator you can hide chat. I noticed that the bye week information in "scouting" is from LAST SEASON. HELLO?? Anyone paying attention? And what's up with not bothering to put bye week info anywhere helpful? Like, next to the name of the guy you just drafted? Oh wait...because it's from last year, sry, forgot. (Tosses empty beer can at switch) Rant = *OFF* Can I have my 20 minutes back?
  11. Free fantasy football

    I played in a work league last year that was on EAsports and it drove me nuts. I don't like the interface and we had a few issues on draft day too. At least they (edit: my work league) took a step up to CBS this year (small step, I know).
  12. Mock Drafts

    Fast and easy trumps the morons for me.
  13. Mock Drafts

    I've been using ffcalulator for a few weeks now. It's come a long way. There used to be all sorts of problems with latency and such. They've fixed most of it, and made 12 man mocks more frequent. It runs pretty slick now. My favorite part: Hide Chat. Morons everywhere, as you'd expect. Tip: When you select the player you'd like to draft from your watch list. Give it a few seconds before you punch the draft button and actually make the selection. Selection problems only seem to come up for me when I move too fast. (Edit) Tip #2: If you're on a Mac, Firefox works much better than Safari. See you there.
  14. Rhodes suspended for 1st 4 games

    It's interesting. I keep reading things about how Bush is going to be ready. I've been pretty skeptical, but it sure looks like the Bush era is coming sooner than later.
  15. Best site for Mock Drafts? Free?

    I see, thanks. I'll look into it.