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  1. 12 teams, espn type scoring (with bonus'). I can either keep Benson or R.Johnson. There is no limit as to how long I can keep a player so this could be for the long haul which is why I am leaning more towards Benson. In addition, I can roll the dice, not keep either Johnson or Benson and enter our "Supplemental draft" and in all probability take Ronnie Brown or Brian Westbrook IF I get 1 of the top 2 picks (I am assuming there are about 3 teams that will enter the draft total). There is also the probability that either Bush or Parker will be available for the supplemental draft as long as neither is traded. The rule is if we do not keep a player we can enter the Supplemental draft and draft any player that is not protected by another team...which is why I would have a shot at parker or bush since 1 guy owns both. Any help is much appreciated. thanks