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  1. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: Valhalla - 3rd generation Vikings fan. I actually have memories of snowy days at my grandfathers house as a young young child of him screaming at a black & white television cheering for the Vikes. What: I work for the Minnesota Army National Guard. My unit has been deployed for almost 2 years, they're coming home soon! When: I'm 32 years old Where: I just bought a house (like less than a month ago) in a small town of 500 people. It's cozy and affordable! Why: I've belonged to Draftsharks for a few years, and wanted a new perspective. Do you always buy the first thing you see? Smart people will "shop" for the best deal! Fantasy Bio: I've been playing FF since 1997 when I joined a crapper auction league and I was hooked. I was GM of my own league for 3 years before joining a keeper league through some friends of the NG and have been in that one for about 6 years now (took one year off), where I've been league champion once (Thank you Tiki Barber!). I've dabbled in some Antsports leagues (although that will end this year), and joined two hometown league also. I get the "sickness" just before training camps every year, and need my fix! Look forward to chatting with you all in the coming year.
  2. Culpepper to be a Packer?

    I think Jacksonville is a good fit for him. A) He gets to stay in Florida (close to home) and He plays like crap in cold weather. I'm not saying it won't happen, but if it's between GB and Jax, I think he goes to Jax (since he's his own agent).
  3. all-time a favorite NFL players

    I'm a Vikings homer, so my list is shaded with purple. Cris Carter Joey Browner Scott Studwell other players I've liked are - Bo Jackson - Minus the hip injury and who knows what he could have done Joe Montana Warren Moon (In his Oiler days) Jerry Rice
  4. surprise team this year

    Rooke 1st post here, let the fun begin.... Right now the consensus about Tarvaris Jackson is 'garbage' in the fantasy football world. With good merit I might add. He didn't look all that great in the games he played, but what rookie thrown to the dogs late in the year ever does? I mean it's not like he came from So Cal, or Notre Dame, or <insert any other semi pro college team here> similar schools. But I'm telling you - this kid has something special and I hope the coaching staff of the Vikings can squeeze it out of him. Early reports from the OTA's is that he's struggling. I'm anxious to see what he looks like the first couple preseason games before I decide. Daunte Culpepper looked 5 times as awful as Tarvaris his first year. I thought we were going to have a major crisis on our hands until he blew up. Wrapping this up - one of the main strengths Tarvaris Jackson has that is hard to teach is touch on the ball on the short and medium range passes. It comes in at a good speed and arc for the receivers (when we actually get a good receiver that can catch lol). Not only that but the man does have a gun when he wants to. Fantasy wise - he's a late round flyer at best at this point. The WR position is the most unstable I think in Vikings history, which will bring his stock down even further.