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  1. Culpepper to be a Packer?

    Depends on the price. If he's asking for anything they even consider to be too much, screw it. Let him be a burden on someone else. He's got tunnel vision hardwired into his brain. I can't for the life of me recall this guy ever being able to consistently look defenders off of receivers, and he just has the goggles on for whoever he wants to pass to. He doesn't look away, and he forces balls in. I think this is why without Moss, he started to stink it up. He needs a great receiver who can catch anything within 10 yards of him, and good protection. And my god probably a good runner, too, just to help.
  2. QB Rankings: Why Is Michael Vick So High?

    i haven't understood so far why he's been so low on draft charts. he'll throw for 3000, and rush for 1000 or like was said, around 600. you've got yourself a servicable fantasy qb, who serves almost as an extra starting running back weekly. i'll take that. he'll throw for around 3000 and pass for probably about 18-20 tds, but in most standard leagues, his rushing basically gives him equal to 10 passing touchdowns or more. fine by me.
  3. Best NE Patriot tattoo yet...

    proof that letting your 12 year old daughter play with a rusty tattoo gun, is never a good idea