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  1. Best league host(s)

    I'm in two leagues, both on RT sports. I'm very happy with the job they do. They offer a lot of options we don't need. I don't know if they will fill your specific needs.
  2. Bears Homers

    I'm a Bears homer, and given the choice I'd love to see Briggs in the line up. Problem is that the Bears have a number of players ot sign. They already signed Vasher. They will have Harris to sign. I think the money is better spent on these guys than it was on Briggs. They will not resign Tank. If you notice there hasn't been a mad dash to secure his services from anyone else either. So that might lead you to believe that the rest of the NFL is not exactly enamored with what he brings to the table either. If Tank was a superior player some team would have already made an effort to go after him.
  3. QB Rankings: Why Is Michael Vick So High?

    Vick always feels wrong. I had him last year and this is what really hurt, 5-30-4. That was Vick's scoring during the playoffs in our scoring format. In our Championship game Vick got 4 points. But when I looked overall, he was fourth in QB scoring. When everything is said and done he does alright. But it seems when you need him, he lays down.