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  1. Domanick (Davis) Williams

    Domanick is my dawg, but he is done. He will go down in history. If he makes a comeback I will be the first to pick him up. Seriously.
  2. Help Pick One Keeper

    There has to be someone else on that team... the rest of the roster????? At this point, Chambers or Hasselbeck, depending on scoring system. yikes.
  3. Overated - Underated WRs,

    I have loved getting DD in round 7 every year. Don't f*** it up for me.
  4. NFL Europe all done

    We sorely need an NFL development league. But how's this for a freaking idea? HOST IT IN AMERICA?!?!?!? idiots. our stadiums sit empty all spring while we can be playing our scrubs.
  5. Darrel Jackson

    drafted for the fourth spot on your team, later than round 10+
  6. Let the rumors begin to fly.

    Snyder has already pretty much given up control to Gibbs and Co. Steelers have a hugh fan base in the DC Area, he would fit in well. We'll take him.
  7. Darrel Jackson

    I'm just posting because someone said Detlef Schrempf. I picked DJax in an early draft this year, but only because I slept on that toe injury. Jackson is a monster and I still believe in him. I wouldn't reach for him again, but as a #4WR who drops because of these reports.. hmmm....
  8. Comcast and the NFL Network

    I'm almost with you Skilly, I do find the training camp shows to be extremely helpful. That's how I knew to grab MJD as soon as he has his first big game. Other than that, I concur it has lost its "new car smell". 1) what everyone else said 2) Enough with the same commercials 150 times a day. 3) PLAY MORE HISTORICAL GAMES, WE DONT NEED FANCY ANALYSIS, THE ORIGINAL WILL DO NICELY ahem
  9. Top 3 Running Backs

    He has to dump Manning or throw him back in the pool. I was just day dreaming, I stick with stud RB-RB keepers, all the way. There is no substitute. Vote Tomlinson/Westbrook in 2008
  10. Top 3 Running Backs

    Exactly why it's being outlawed this year. Commish oversight, lessons learned. I told him years ago, but they didn't listen.
  11. Top 3 Running Backs

    Interesting. I suppose I was secretly hoping someone would make the case for SJax, but the overwhelming support for LT is obvious, you can't argue with his amazing stats. He's only in his 7th year, which is younger than I thought. I'll go with LT and Westbrook. I wish we could keep three, because the Manning owner offered me Peyton for my 2nd (really 4th) round pick. Suckers, i tell ya! But I love em. Thanks everyone before and after.
  12. Top 3 Running Backs

    The upside would be that I can keep whoever I get for three more years. We are changing this rule after this draft, but I'm grandfathered in. In other words, Any player I trade for can be kept for 3 years, while I can only keep LJ for one more (drafted him him rookie year)
  13. Top 3 Running Backs

    That's what I'm seeing as his future as well. Some other things I'm worried about: LT at the end of last season played hurt and is getting really old for a keeper league LJ has a superb playoff schedule...if he makes it Dorey rule is FOR REAL and Sjax is the big fat winner. I wouldn't be suprised to see him top of the charts as soon as week 1 is complete. I guess I can't really lose either way, but dayum, this decision is pretty tough. /i know i know...cry me a river.
  14. Top 3 Running Backs

    Ah yes, I should have added that, they are both on their last years with those players.
  15. I'm in a keeper league where we can keep players for 3 years. I have Larry Johnson on year two. I have been approached by the owners of Steven Jackson and Ladainian Tomlinson. I can trade LJ for either player or keep him. After looking at the Ease of Schedule, it is clear that LJ has a brutal first six week, LT does too, and Sjax is clearly the best in that area. I can also keep a second player, and I'm pretty sure that will be Brian Westbrook (stole him in 5th round last year . So, given the option of any of the top three to handcuff to Westy.. which would you take?