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  1. Keep Frank Gore or Shawn Alexander

    Though I agree that saying that Gore IS a stud is slightly premature you have to look at what he has done when given the chance full-time. He was the 5th RB in points last year in our league. Even if you pro-rate what Alexander would have gotten had he played ALL year you still don't come up with a top 10 back. Gore has the most upside at this point in either of their careers. Gore can only get better with an imroved offense. Seattle did not get better IMO. Gotta go with Gore. CROC
  2. Have to Keep Four of These Guys...Not Easy

    No way you keep Stallworth. #1. Benson #2. Davis #3. Cotchery = Better Offense and with T.J. now there it will open up even more. #4.Clayton = He is now the #1 WR there. Mason is basically the #2. My one worry is will they give him enough opportunities?
  3. Another Keeper Question

    IMO (In My Opinion) you have to keep Brady with the number of quality RB's coming back. His numbers will improve, if nothing more than from the bonuses you get for your long TD's to Moss and Stallworth. Just my take. Croc
  4. Pick 8

    Parker has the least value in my opinion. His TD's will lessen with Davenport reportedly taking on the Bettis role. His O- LIne coach is gone to Arizona. His best O-Lineman Faneca is not happy. And his Offensive Co is toying with the idea of more passing with 4 amd 5 WR sets. Maroney is next but I do not believe his shoulder is healing as well as expected and Bill is not exactly forthcoming about injury reports. I do believe that if he is healed that he could a dynamic runner. He doesn't have alot of miles on his body anyway as he shared carries with MB III in college. That is also the reason his value falls though in my opinion. Will he be able to carry the full load without Dillon there? Bush is and will be a stud this year. His value in PPR leagues alone is tremendous. I think they will work him into more of the offense and that should increase his value. Plus with Deuce there to spell him he is fresh on nearly every play.
  5. Thoughts on this trade

    What I would probably do is package one or two of your WR's not named T.O. or Walker and your #2 rookie pick and squeeze your way up to one of the top few picks to pick up Calvin Johnson. He would solidify that WR core and be the 3rd WR stud you need. Croc
  6. Trade Help

    Rockin with Gore and Jackson. What a tandem. I too am a little worried about Maroney and his health. Don't get me wrong if I could get him I would but Gore is a tremendous upside back and is proven unlike Maroney over a full 16 game schedule. I do not play in IDP leagues so I am also unsure of Jones value. Do the trade and watch the wins roll in. Croc
  7. which player to keep?

    While I do like Addai, the potential Bush has is amazing. And he is sharing time right now with Duce which is nice. Allows him to be fresh on every play. Addai on the other hand will be the main back. The problem is the Colts pass when they get into the red zone. So do the Saints but Reggie is like a receiver. More opportunities. If you do the trade then get at least a 5th or 6th rounder as a way to "EVEN" the trade. Croc
  8. Blockbuster Trade in the Works...

    You have such nice depth at your backs this would be hard for me. Normally I would never give up a stud back for a QB, however you have some nice quality there. If you are going to trade him I would do it as soon as possible as Maroney's shoulder still has a few question marks. Bill and his secrecy on injury reports does make me leary that it is worse than they are putting out there. Manning on the other hand is about as rock solid at QB as they get. If you do the trade hope it works out. Croc
  9. Which WR's would you cut?

    Out of the 6 you have, Bradley and Hackett have the most upside. None of the others will be anything special in the next few years. Bradley could be if he could just stay healthy. Hackett could be this year if Branch falls off, like I think he will. Just my take. Croc