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  1. Patriots vs. Buccaneers (SNF)

    Loudest I have ever heard Gillette. A sports agent from Las Vegas and his buddy got tickets in the seats next to mine, was saying that’s as loud as he ever heard a crowd at any game. I was entertained. Would have liked to see that Folk kick go through, but wasn’t crushed by the loss. It was a much closer game than expected, and Mac looked terrific save for a couple of really bad plays.
  2. Are you panicking at 0-2?

    The taxi squad thing is a fine line. There are both long and short term considerations for those roster management decisions
  3. Mac Jones starting for NE means...

    EDIT: Point being Bill didn’t give Cam the choice.
  4. Mac Jones starting for NE means...

    Cam’s on record saying he was not offered the back-up job.
  5. The Race to 1,000,000 honoree

    Good on ya, John!
  6. So who got the permanent ban?

  7. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

  8. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    you’re a major contributor. My advice, skip the politics.
  9. The Wheel of Time

    I do not think this series will have the same level of success as GOT unless the writers deviate from certain major characteristics of the books. There needs to be more grit, much more sex, more meaningful deaths, etc. GOT had these things built in, and that’s a large part of what made it successful and gave it appeal to so many people.
  10. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    Welcome to how the Tailgate died, Part Deux.
  11. Mac Jones starting for NE means...

    Chances are Bill let Cam determine his own fate, and this was Cam’s choice.
  12. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    Is this an actual tailgate discussion?
  13. Urban Carry Holster

    Looks like a gimmick.
  14. The race to one million

    This thread is both a tribute to and a sad statement about days of Huddle Past it lost momentum like the wave at a Royals game
  15. D Henry

    I must be missing something. He’s still RB4 when I look. RB8 in PPR.