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  1. Dolphins trade #3 overall pick to 49ers

    Mostly I was just laughing at your post for the fun of it, but that's a nice way to stretch an off hand comment in your favor. That being said... No, I don't predict that this QB class will have Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, and John Elway, plus some other NFL starters. Today's NFL is a different league, so comparing this draft to 1983 is laughable. It's very possible and even likely that 5-6 QBs will go in the top 20, because you can't win games without one anymore. Teams are giving up unbelievable packages to get access to those QBs. It's a different game and a different QB economy. Most teams will sell their soul for a glimpse at a QB.
  2. The Brady/Belichick debate is over

    Let’s not forget that the coach didn’t really get to do his thing, you know, coaching. The NFL played on minimum practice. A talented player can overcome that, but a coach that thrives on that time will suffer by comparison. Neither is winning a lombardi trophy, and Brady couldn’t didn’t his division with a long absence by Brees. The relationship was symbiotic IMO, and neither will have the same level of success again.
  3. OG Check-In

    I think I qualify...
  4. Please check in to ATAP

  5. On-line Dating sites?

    Yes, I see that is your opinion, and I am disagreeing with it unless you are worries about over spending or something. And even then I would recommend meeting for coffee or a drink versus a breakfast meal. I am not saying that it didn't work for you, I am saying that I don't believe this to be universally good way to go about it. Meals are messy, and people are self conscious when they eat in front pf people they are trying to impress. I would avoid sitting right down to a meal as much as I could. Women do not generally like to eat in front of men they don't know and are potentially romantically interested in. There are many more things to do in daylight than eat. That is one part of your recommendation that I agree with. Having a day date allows her to be more comfortable with her safety. More to the point, if you read all that I wrote I suggest not just meeting people casually. Get to know someone before you go out and meet. Sending and reading email only costs time, and a phone conversation or two is inexpensive. The person is either going to exchange a recent picture with you or have it shown that they are not an honest person right up front, and at that point you walk away. If you take the time to get to know the person, you can do something a little bit more fun than sitting, eating and talking, and those things can help to break the "in person" ice. As Dr. House says, everybody lies. An online personna is not going to be 100% accurate. A first date personna is not going to be 100% accurate. Everyone worth meeting is going to try and put their best foot forward in the beginning. Only time is going to sift through that facade. Mr. Cliche would point out that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Your way may work fine for you, I am just trying to present an alternative viewpoint
  6. Greatest American "Genius"

    Herny Ford maybe? Bill Gates maybe? J Edgar Hoover? Jefferson and Franklin need consideration, to be sure.
  7. On-line Dating sites?

    I met my wife through an internet personal. At the time I had tried several sites. I met her through, and honestly I can't recall much of the other sites. However you slice it, all of the sites out there are going to have good and bad ads/people. There are scammers everywhere, people are not honest in their dealings, and if you just bear that in mind you will do fine anywhere. Anywhere that isn't a free site. Pay the money for a real site. I dunno about the whole breakfast date thing. I guess if you are pinching your nickles and worried about the tab that's fine, but for me meeting a woman over eggs would not even be on the list. JMO, with online dating you have the chance to write to as many women as you like and see what kind of chemistry you can develop. There doesn't need to be a rush to meet unless you are just another guy trying to dip his pen in as many ink pots as possible. And the women are very defensive about that because of the number of players online. If you really want to meet someone you click with, take your time about it. I wrote to lots of women and had lots of nice correspondence, and maybe only met a third of the women I exchanged emails with. My wife wrote to me, which was a nice way to start as guys get significantly fewer notes than the women do. Be honest about what's important to you and why, and you'll do fine. Take your time to sniff out the ladies from those that do not qualify as a lady and you will do fine.
  8. So, what should I wear to meet dmd?

    chaps. and a hat.
  9. Greatest American Rock Band

    I can't roll with that. Ten is still among the best albums ever, and as a debut it's amazing. They keep releasing great stuff, and are freakin' great live. Great. Vedder is like Roger Clemens and Cobain is more like Koufax. Maybe he burned a little hotter at a time, but excellence over time wins out IMO.
  10. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    Romney '08.
  11. Have to login each time I come to the huddle

    Thanks WW.
  12. For Cliaz
  13. Have to login each time I come to the huddle

    I noticed the issue as well, and just wasn't caring enough to complain. This started happening the day of the site upgrade/appearence change. Same browser, same settings, all of a sudden the log-in wasn't holding.
  14. Tom Brady and the mediocrity gauge

    To quote H8, this is fokking stupid. With 8 4 team divisions in today's NFL, how often do you think three teams in any division will have winning records?
  15. Golf

    BC, you can find a lot of deals on ebay for both used clubs and custom fit knock-off clubs. For a beginner, buying sized knock-offs isn't a bad way to get sized clubs cheap. For that matter, you may find shops local to you that will do it.
  16. Baking Baby Back Ribs

    If you like spicy BBQ: half a bottle of chili powder 1 TBS cayenne pepper 3 TBS Lawry's salt free 17 1 TBS salt 1 TBS black pepper 1-2 TBS lemon juice mix up the spices, add the lemon juice, and stir until it is all moist. The lemon juice makes it a wet rub that clumps up nicely and will rub in well. Brush the ribs down very lightly with mustard. Whatever kind you like. I prefer to use Bone Suckin' mustard, but whatever. then rub the spices in on top of the mustard, wrap each rack in plastic wrap, and let it sit overnight. Honestly, it takes maybe 10-15 minutes to do 4 racks. This is not major prep time. If you don't like spicy BBQ, then sprinkle the ribs down with salt and pepper, and then Lawry's salt free 17 on top of that. Wrap the riibs up and let them sit over night.
  17. Attn HAG Commishes

    you know where to go
  18. Attn HAG Commishes

    Bumping for those that haven't checked in.
  19. Baking Baby Back Ribs

    cooked for 4-4.5 hours the bacteria will be kaput If you don's want to make a complicated rub, that's fine...but you can use something on the order of Mrs Dash along with the S&P. If you want to rub the rubs with something on Saturday, send me a PM and I will try and help
  20. should a double amputee be allowed to compete in the olympics?

    It's 4.5 miles, not 1.5 And yes, I am saying that playing 18 holes of golf is tiring. Playing 18 holes for 4 days straight would take a considerable amount of energy.
  21. should a double amputee be allowed to compete in the olympics?

    I have to ask if you golf, because this statement is inaccurate. Walking the 7000-8000 yards a day for 4 straight days, standing for hours in whatever weather for 4 days straight takes a toll on a person. Sure, it's not playing a football game, but feet start to ache, backs tighten up, fatigue sets in. Why should one guy get to ride in a cart for the 4 days and not have to deal with these issues? I work out 6 days a week and despite the MH pictures I provided am actually in pretty good condition, and when I finish walking a round of 18 I am wiped out. After riding 18, no problem. And my shot definitely falls off with fatigue.
  22. should a double amputee be allowed to compete in the olympics?

    I say no. There is no way to measure the advantage/disadvantage of his prosthetics, and by using them the condidions for all the runners are no longer equal. He could have a technology advantage that the other runners can not have, And arguing that "They get to have legs" isn;t really a counter argument. This is about competing fairly in an avent, and nothing else. I felt the same way when the guy that couldn;t walk 18 holes wanted permission from the PGAto use a golf cart. Nope...sorry. walking the course introduces fatigue. You don;t get a free pass....either you can compete at what's on the table or you can't
  23. Tom Brady and the mediocrity gauge

    It was a good season.....but I don't think you watched many Pats games that year. It would be tough to call it a GREAT season. Brown had 101 receptions as a possession receiver in a dink and dunk offense. This would include a very large number of WR screen passes, as this was the year that the Pats started mixing in the WR screen as one of their main weapons. That's about as high percentage a throw as there is in the NFL. Now, looking at Brown's season he averaged 11.9 yards per catch. looking at the 2006 NFL top 30 receivers, only 4 in that group had a lower YPC than 11.9. I am pointing this out not to take anything away from Troy, but to illustrate how he was used in the offense. His very sure hands were a key component to getting the 101 catches, but so was the regularity of his catching the ball within 5 yards of the front or behind it. the '85 bears had Walter Payton. As I mentioned the #1 WR/ Starting RB combo, just having Sweetness puts that team light years ahead of the Pats. They also had Willie Gault, who was no slouch in his prime. The '90 Giants could rival the 01 Pats. I'd probably take OJ Anderson/Maurice Carthon/Dave Meggett over A Smith, but I would probably take Troy Brown over anyone on their receiving crew....except that they had Bavaro... Even still, if I gove you the '90 Giants you one-upped me....but you still are helping to make my point.
  24. Tom Brady and the mediocrity gauge

    And when have I ever claimed that he does it all himself, or anything remotely close to it? Sure, those two had successful seasons that season. Still, that might be the worst combination of #1 receiver and starting RB in SB championship history, so I am not sure that those two players are much of an example of anything. Maybe the 2000 Ravens had worse...maybe. They also had a historic defense, not just a good defense.