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  1. LJ or Gore

    They had Huard under center last year and John Welbourne is moving to gaurd. He isn't as good as Shields but he ain't bad either.
  2. LJ or Gore

    Man I have LJ in my keeper league I also have Peyton but if I were you I wouldn't draft Peyton with 3rd pick If you want peyton try to trade the pick for extra picks and move down and still take Peyton.
  3. LJ or Gore

    If LJ is there I think you have to take him. LJ was the no brainer #1 pick last year and all he did was go out and rush for almost 1,800 yds and 19 TDs, thats still a pretty good RB by my standards. I hear all this about how long can he hold up, to my knowledge he has never been banged up(in college or Pros). Yes his line isn't as great as others but it wasn't great last year either. To me it's LJ without question!!!
  4. Larry Johnson

    Is LJ going to holdout? If so how long? LJ is a keeper of mine in my Keeper League. I think the Cheifs have to sign him they have no WR, a new QB, and most of all nobody behind him to take his place. Without LJ the Cheifs might end up with the 1st pick in next years draft. Is this me being hopeful or am I on the right track with this. Let me hear your thoughts.
  5. Keep Frank Gore or Shawn Alexander

    If it were me and you can only keep one of them I would try to trade them for SJAX, LT, of LJ. In my keeper league I just trade Shaun for Willis McGahee and Steve Smith. I already have P.Manning and LJ. Shaun may or may not be fully recovered from his foot injury and Frank Gore isn't known as a player who can stay healthy, he has had 2 or 3 major knee operations. Both have the talent to be great but both come with alot of risk as well. But if I was going to keep one of them it would Gore.
  6. Rate my 4 KEEPERS !

    The reason it is 8 teams is because it's me and 7 of my buddies who wanted to start our own fantasy keeper league about 4 years ago. I am in a 10 team league as well its just not a keeper league. I like the 8 team league alot you end up with a tough competive game every week, never a easy one I like that. Just my thoughts.
  7. QB- Peyton Manning RB- Larry Johnson RB- Willis McGahee WR- Steve Smith Where should I start looking in the draft I have the 8th pick in a 8 team league? I also maybe able to trade McGahee for L.Maroney or J. Addai(the two teams these players are on really like McGahee tell me your thoughts on this as well.
  8. TJ or the CADDY

    I think a Caddy is a nice car but not Fantasy Player go with TJ.............NO BRAINER to me!!!
  9. Need Trade Advice

    Me Personally I would try to trade him Maroney and Jon Kitna for A. Boldin. With Maroney you have alttle injury risk and he needs a QB BAD plus Boldin is better than Evans. I would start with this and then maybe Dunn for Evans, but I don;'t who would want Dunn he may not even end up being the starter. Juast my thoughts.
  10. Who should I keep?

    I would keep Addai and Smith and try to get Rudi Johson you should check out his schedule during the fantasy playoffs(thats what really matters). Good luck!!!
  11. thoughts on Willis McGahee

    I kind of think the line is a littlte better than your giving them credit for, they still have Ogden and the rookie out of Auburn they picked up(Ben Grubbs) could be huge. Marcus Mcneill of the Chargers was a Pro Bowler last season and he is out of Auburn too. And surely you would agree that McGahee is alot more explosive than J.Lewis he should be able to get in and out of the hole alot quicker than Lewis. Just my thoughts.
  12. Would like to see everyones thoughts on Mr.McGahee I like his new team just not real sure about him?
  13. Which 2nd year RB is the better pick? Reggie Bush is one of the most electric football players I have ever seen, but he splits with Deuce. Lawerence Maroney has the looks of the next Steven Jackson to me, but there are injury concerns. Joseph Addai is in on of the most prolific offense of all time, but can he handle the full load? What is your thoughts?
  14. Trade proposal

    Those 3 are players designated to be taken for a 1st rd. pick so I know i could get one of them. We have 8 teams in our league.
  15. Trade proposal

    I would still use the 8th pick to take Bush, maroney, or Addai these players are avalible to be taken from another team for my 1st rd pick(8th)