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  1. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

    Congrats!! I'm join'n you man, back to back!!!!
  2. Finals- Pittman or Dom Davis

    OK, I'll be devil's advocate. I'd start Pittman and Davis! Tiki has been quite with Manning in there.
  3. Suggs or Pittman

  4. Kennison, Mason, Driver, Moulds

    I'm a little biased but I would go Kennison and Driver. Forget Moulds and Bennett has been takeing too much away from Mason (also has an ankle problem).
  5. WDIS @ RB?

    My opponent in our SB picked up Nick Goings (and will start him) and placed Duckett on the injured list (a rule in our league allows you to pickup a player for an injured player who is listed as doubtful or out). If Duckett gets upgraded to questionable, he will have to drop Goings so I'm am interested in any Duckett updates myself.
  6. Larry Johnson

  7. My team vs opponenet CPepp vs Manning LT and Pittman vs Goings and T Jones D Jackson and Kennison vs Muhammad and Wayne J Brown vs N Rackers Indy D vs KC D Flex: Bettis vs J McCown I like my chances hoping that Manning gets his record and then sits. I'll take the advantage of RB but his receivers are better. Kickers and D's are.....oh well, kickers and D's.
  8. I feel bad for you guys but my opponent had them going which helped my situation.
  9. The Bus!

    I had him activated as my flex player this week!! I hope LT can do the same.
  10. The Bus!

    Great start for Bettis!!
  11. Semi-Finals Money Game

    I'd start: Volek JJ & Duece Bennett & Clayton Gonzo Good Luck!
  12. Semi-Finals Money Game

    2 weeks from a title and you're asking for help? Go with what got you there. You'll kick yourself later if you don't.
  13. I understand he went to see his father but was wondering if he will be playing this weekend?
  14. This is our first week of the playoffs as is most leagues I would estimate. I'm thin at WR in the first place and all I can find out is that he went to see his father but nothing for sure if he'll be back to play.