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  1. Draft Day Smack Talk

    A Classic: "First guy with a limp has been taken"
  2. Law to sign with Jets

    The Pats repeated (is that a word?) last year. This year it would be a Three-peat. They also played 12 games without Law last year, and did OK. They have Starks, along with the most of the crew that filled in last year. Pats should be great again this year. The Jets need more than a gimpy Ty Law.
  3. Menudo's 2005 NFL Predictinos

    I was sitting in Foxboro in a lousy stadium, watching a lousy team, with my Steve Grogan Jersey on...and proud of it. Until somebody beats them in a meaningful game.....gotta go with the champs
  4. Flutie Flakes on broadway?

    Doug Flutie has indeed signed with the Pats/ It's a one year deal
  5. Get your very own Ron Mexico alias

    Phillippe Morocco checking in!
  6. Pats to make play for Plaxico?

    A Boston writer asking "Will they enter the Plaxico Burress sweepstakes or will they opt for a top receiver in the draft?"....... It is a question, not reporting on any fact that they are interested in him. Which is why there is a question mark (?) in the title. Just trying to make conversation, didn't mean for the facts to get in the way.
  7. Pats to make play for Plaxico?

    Corey Dillon says hi! I would consider Plaxico more of an underachiever than a thug It is interesting that the Pats also offered more money than others to try to get Mason. Maybe they are serious.
  8. Looks like the Pats are trying to secure a big time receiver? Not sure Plaxico qualifies, but a step in the right direction
  9. Bears cut Terrell

    I remember when Terrell was available in the draft, and us Pats fans were up in arms that BB took Richard Seymour with the pick instead. I guess thats why we ain't running the team.
  10. Brady

  11. Yea they will draft Leinart, and Parcells will still name Vinny as the starter

    Maybe the Steelers can book their hotel early for Jacksonville. Worked out well last time GO PATS
  13. More RB Help

    Need help Standard Scoring 6 per TD/ 1 Per 10 yds Rush/Rec Nick Goings or Ahman Green I can't decide
  14. ne homers

    I think his leg would have to be falling off, to not play against the Bengals this coming week