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  1. You speak the truth here. This game should have warranted the best and most experienced officiating crew, not on of the newest.


    And I also agree on the Pats D letting Addai carve them up like that, especially on the TD near the end of the first half. Simply unexcusable.


    I'm not worried too much about that. The Pats ran a nickel package pretty much the whole game. With 5 defensive backs, and sometimes a 3 man front. My only concern was BB not changing it up soon enough, when it appeared that Indy was going to run.

  2. Then I really really really dislike you!


    Good comeback....really thought out. Kind of like "oh yeah??"

    Maybe I'll become a Steeler fan, and be able to engage in some more intelligent conversation with you.


    I think I'll make the comment: "All Steeler fans are neanderthals and I hate them"


    Sounds pretty stupid doesn't it??

  3. SO it is between Boston and Philly for sure, but I actually like Red Sox fans!!! The funny thing is I hate Patriot fans maybe it is because they cheated to win and turned a blind eye to it!


    As a lifetime Pats fan what the hell do you suppose we do? Change teams? :D


    Its embarrasing but I'm not going to switch teams because of this. Does that make me a bad person?


    Hate is a strong word my friend......

  4. Which is because of HGH? I'd like to see your link to that, because it would be against the CBA for it to be released to you.


    Rhodes violated the NFL's Substance Abuse Policy. That's the same policy that got Ricky suspended for testing positive for THC.


    Again, you're full of crap.

    So, his shoulder hasn't healed in four years? Um, OK. :D


    He had surgery on it this past offseason....don't let the facts get in the way of a good argument.


    Sorry..... back to the pissing contest. :D

  5. This is the disclaimer in the corner of the pop up screen:


    Live Scoring stats are unofficial, and should not be considered final.


    It is a pretty good indication of how your team is doing, but not the most accurate tool. They always fix it after the Monday night games. It seems to mess with team defenses the most.


    I won a playoff head to head game last year by one point, after the other owner checked live scoring, and thought that he won. :D

  6. I really have no idea what to do with him this week. No pre-season games, very few reps with Brady, no idea how he will be used in the game. And I have a feeling it's gonna be like this every week.




    Get used to these 3 words:



  7. What is going on here!! Do not take Manning with your 1st pick or early 2nd. :D


    Why not? points are points! R U saying that Ronnie Brown or Maroney will score more points this year than Manning? The huddle has PM projected for 363 points in a performace league. If I am sitting in 12th position, and he is available, how could you not pass that up that 20+ sure points a week?


    Thats 160 more points than any RB or WR that will be available at that time, or by the time that you are picking up a QB.

  8. I have picked twice at 12, and have found both times that if I take:


    RB, RB (Best 2 available) no stretches

    WR, WR (Usually some good ones there)

    Then take a QB and a Third RB


    I usually have good luck.


    Of couse if something happens and Peyton is available you would have to switch it up a little :D

  9. Seriously. If the Pats don't repeat this year, I don't think that Ty Law will be the reason. The Pats have quite a learning curve going on this year as it is.







    The Pats repeated (is that a word?) last year. This year it would be a Three-peat. :D


    They also played 12 games without Law last year, and did OK. They have Starks, along with the most of the crew that filled in last year.


    Pats should be great again this year. The Jets need more than a gimpy Ty Law. :D

  10. Wow, another one of those Patriots fans.  Where were all of you guys 10 years ago..... ?    :D







    I was sitting in Foxboro in a lousy stadium, watching a lousy team, with my Steve Grogan Jersey on...and proud of it. :D


    Until somebody beats them in a meaningful game.....gotta go with the champs :D

  11. Yeah, there's nothing in that article to make you think they're going after Plax... it's an author thinking out loud, no real 'info' there at all...







    A Boston writer asking "Will they enter the Plaxico Burress sweepstakes or will they opt for a top receiver in the draft?".......

    It is a question, not reporting on any fact that they are interested in him.



    Which is why there is a question mark (?) in the title.


    Just trying to make conversation, didn't mean for the facts to get in the way.

  12. What happened to "if we need to have thugs on the team to win I'd rather lose"?







    Corey Dillon says hi!


    I would consider Plaxico more of an underachiever than a thug


    It is interesting that the Pats also offered more money than others to try to get Mason.


    Maybe they are serious.