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  1. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    I walked away from a fantasy league at work a few years ago. Burned out, I guess. I think part of it was the contact with the other owners in the league. Always some sort of drama. 10 years was enough. I sold my team to another guy in like, week 7 or so, and he went on to win the championship. They still ride him about it, saying he should change his name to 'Asterick'. LOL. I don't miss it at all. I play on line in a few leauges. It's better for me that way. I guess everyone burns out at one point or another. Like it's been said a few times in this thread, it's all about perspective. At the height of my obsession, I didn't even care about football. My only interest was whether or not so and so got such and such yards, or whatever. The game of football bacame second to how my team was doing. Now, I play FF, but I don't worry about whether I won or lost. I enjoy football again because of the game, not because of the stats. I'm not glued to the set, flipping channels, repeatedly checking the scores and stas online throughout the day. Some Sundays, I don't even watch. Go out and spend the day with the kids, goof off, visit Gramdma's, whatever. For a while there, though, I lived and breathed it. Not healthy, especially if you have a family that gets put in second, behind football.
  2. Vick

    Here's overall 2006 QB Ratings: Vick is 20th If you look at these numbers individually, Vick comes in 21st in passing yards (total). 10th in td passes. (I'll be honest, that surprised me). 28th in pass completeion pct. Here's overall 2006 passing yards (per game): Atlanta is 32nd That's right, dead last in the NFL As far as Vick's rushing goes, hiss 1,000 yards are nice, and if you add them to his passing yards, it's around 3500 total, which is pretty good. But, his two rushing tds hardly make up for his meager 20 passing tds. I've never even given the guy a second look at draft time. Is he exciting to watch? Yes. but he's not ever going to take me to the promised land.
  3. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    Agreed. If Cunningham stayed healthy, he'd be in. But, we're getting off track, this thread is supposed to be about Vick. Sorry folks.
  4. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    Well, all I know is, I won 100 bucks from two guys at work (50 bucks each) because they were foolish enough to bet me Cunningham was a first ballot Hall of Famer. LOL.
  5. Barry Bonds

    I have mixed feelings about it. I've been a baseball fan my whole life, and this whole mess just ruins what was once a great pleasure for me. He'll get the record, for a while, then A-Rod will take it. Hopefully, without this cloud that currently hangs over baseball. As far as McGwire and Sosa, like Bonds, they were 'late bloomers', physically. All three were skinny and got bulky. Was it legitimate? Who can say for sure, you know? In McGwire's defense, he hit 49 homers in his first full season, while he was still a skinny kid. It's funny how the happy, fun loving Sosa turned out to be a slimy weasel. In addition to the roids rumors, just how many corked dingers did he hit? 755 is a hallowed number in baseball, and I'm excited to see history. I'm also sad, because I was a kid when Aaron passed the Babe. It's like part of my childhood is being taken away, you know? I'm a lifelong Oriole fan, so I have zero love for the Yankees, but a good ball player deserves his due, and I am actually already looking forward to A-Rod surpassing Bonds. I was there the night Cal broke Gehrig's streak, and it was something I'll never forget. I was fortunate enough to have my kids there with me, so they have that to carry with them.
  6. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    That's fair enough. Cunningham had a few pretty good years, and after I went and looked at his numbers, I was surprised how many times he threw for over 3000 yards. (5) However, other than his two 30+ TD seasons, he threw for 20+ only 3 times. In 16 years. Granted, he only played 12 or more games a year 8 of those 16 years. Which leads to his durability being a question. The thing about Cunningham was, his big plays came on busted plays. His 'Let me be me' crap was an excuse because he couldn't play in the system. His numbers are better than Vicks, but I stand by what I said earlier. Cunningham was a great athlete, not a great QB. A sandlot guy.
  7. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    I agree with the above posters. Personal lifestyle aside, Vick's numbers don't lie. He's not even in the top half of the league, QB numbers-wise. I don't have them right here, or know them off the top of my head, but I don't think he's ever thrown for more than 20 TDs or so, and he's never hit the 2500 yd. mark passing , ever. The only thing that made him draftable (something I've never done) was his running ability. And, like the posters above stated, one week he'll run for 100 yds and two tds, the next he'll do nothing. It's like having one half of a run by committee backfield. It's a crapshoot every week whether or not you're going to get anything from Vick's running. You KNOW what you're going to get from him passing. between 100-150 yds, a td every now and then. Nothing more. Some people buy into the hyperbole. I never did. I've said it since he came into the league. Vick is the biggest fraud at QB since Cunningham. A great athlete? Yes. A great QB? Laughable.
  8. Vick

    I'm new here, but I'd like to stick my two cents worth in. Seems to me, removing Vick from the equation would only serve to allow defenses to focus even more on the ground game. I'm going to guess it'll be tougher for Atlanta's rbs to gain yards, simply because the spy who's sole job was to bird dog (no pun intended) Vick will now be free to pursue the football. That being said, I've never been even remotely interested in drafting Vick. His 2,000-2,200 yds passing and 17-20 TD passes every year are hardly worth wasting anything higher than a 10th round pick. I could never understand why he went so high in the draft. He's the biggest fraud at QB since Cunningham.