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  1. Baffled by who to start this week

    That’s the way I would go. I might go Connor over Mixon at flex, but either should be good.
  2. Bad or wrong lineup decisions this week

    Brandon Cooks. Desperation flex last week for 0 points. This week, 33 points on my bench. Sigh...
  3. Players Boycotting Games

    Exactly! Besides worrying about players getting injured, we now have to hope they dont get offended? Yikes!
  4. Players Boycotting Games

    Just read on ESPN that Barkley and Shepard “haven’t ruled out boycotting a game.” Sorry I couldn’t post the link. Just when you thought the season couldn’t get any stranger...?
  5. Who to bench?

    I hope you are right because I’m starting Washington and playing against Fuller. Oakland’s offense is pretty poor and Houston should be in a shoot out. I guess Washington has a solid floor and Fuller has a better ceiling.
  6. Pick two!

    Man, that’s a tough call. I think you have to look at your opponent. Fournette has the safest floor but limited ceiling. Robinson and Perriman have a high ceiling but come with risk. And Mostert has been very good lately. It comes down to if you think you need to take some risk to win. There isn’t a clear cut answer. Good luck!
  7. LAMAR

    This^. I’m playing against him and hope they do pull him, but he’ll still have more points than most of the other quarterbacks if they do.
  8. Bench perriman?

    I agree with your thinking. I want to start Perriman too but can’t make myself bench A.J. Brown or Lockett to do it. That being said, Perriman will probably shred the Houston defense. Go with your gut and then enjoy the games.
  9. Need 1 RB for championship game

    I would have to go with Henry against a tough d vs. a time share (Gordon) against a bad d. Boone is an unknown and I don’t like unknown for a championship game.
  10. Who to bench?

    I wouldn’t bench Fuller (if he plays, and he’s supposed to) and Boyd is projected to do well against Miami. So I guess that leaves Washington on the bench but I think he will do pretty well too. Good luck!
  11. Well I hope not because I’m starting him but I would go with Mahomes if I had him.
  12. Parker or Perriman

    I’m trying to talk myself into starting Perriman over AJ Brown or Lockett. I just think he’s going to go off.
  13. Bad Weather in Florida this Weekend!

    It’s supposed to rain Sunday but Saturday it looks ok so far. Check it Saturday morning to be sure.
  14. Pick 3 WR

    I like Perriman and Parker then it’s a tough call.