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  1. RB 2 for the Championship?

    Thank you. I was leaning towards Bell.
  2. Aiyuk or Woods

    I agree, Davis.
  3. Updated on Status of AntonioGibson & JamesRobinson?

    Robinson isn’t playing per ESPN.
  4. 12 team ppr. With Robinson sitting, I need to choose between Dobbins vs. Giants, or Leveon Bell vs. Falcons. Any insight appreciated. Thanks
  5. Russell or Hurts

    I’m going with Hurts. I somehow made it to the playoffs despite Matty Ice all year and Hurts saved me last week. I still haven’t seen him play but love the numbers he’s putting up.
  6. I think most people would say Thomas but if Rudolph is out, I like Smith. I saw the game last week and he looked good. It’s a total coin toss though so go with your gut and no regrets.
  7. We do have a toilet bowl and a week 17 highest score payout. But it’s understood in our long time league that those still in contention get first crack at waivers. And no one in our group would ever drop a good player. That would be highly frowned on. 😂
  8. I’m considering picking Hurts up to replace Matt Ryan. Ryan has been terrible without Julio. Nothing much else on the wire.
  9. Which TE to start!?

    Akins could be a sneaky play if they put him in the slot. Tight ends seem to be a coin flip after the first few.
  10. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    Clinton Portis and Edge James his rookie year.
  11. Kickers ranking and streaming strategy

    We have that guy!