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  1. TE and DEF help

  2. TE and DEF help

    Thanks any others. Need help. Must win to have a shot in the playoffs.
  3. TE and DEF help

    J. Shockey vs. TEN or K. Winslow vs. CIN also San diego vs. OAK or Carolina vs. WAS Which TE and DEF should I start
  4. WR help

    THank you very much.

    Sit Chester. The others are almost no brainers.
  6. WR help

    Who are my best options? Roy Williams vs. ARZ D. Stallworth vs. TEN J. Walker vs. SD D. Jackson vs. SF I think all my WRs have good matchups but I need the 2 best ones. Please help
  7. T. Bell or Mike Bell

    I currently have Tatum Bell, should I drop him and pick up Mike Bell. How bad is Tatum's Turf Toe injury. Is he going to be like Chris Brown last year?
  8. 2 tough decisions

  9. 2 tough decisions

  10. 2 tough decisions

    Need to submit my lineup. Need help
  11. 2 tough decisions

    I need two WR R. Moss vs. Pit J. Walker vs. Ind D. Jackson vs. KC Need 2 RB T. Bell vs. Ind W. Lundy vs. TEN S. Jackson vs. SD Thanks for your opinions
  12. WDIS?!?!

    I'm starting KJ against the Jets. And never sit your studs. LJ will do well at home.
  13. Which WRs this week pick 3

    Believe or not the Bears offense is showing life. I would go with Berrian he has been flying under the radar but has been putting up the numbers. Berrian along with Holt and Jackson.
  14. Who gets the nod? Must win

    Good point. Anyone else.
  15. Kitna or plummer

    I say Kitna, but I am not much of a Plummer fan.