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  1. I love this guy!

  2. I'd rather pick my nose.

  3. I'm sitting here watching the Pearl Jam Live at the Garden DVD. Are they the greatest American rock band? The music has more than stood up over the past fifteen or so years. I'm gonna say, yup, they're the greatest American rock band. Who else could it be?
  4. Let it go, little buddy, let it go.

    Well done msaint!
  5. Animate yourself Simpsons style

    My Ethernet must suck.
  6. Bridge to Tarabithia

    I'm pretty sure you weren't the target audience.
  7. Bridge to Tarabithia

    We've read the book a few times as a classroom. Try reading that chapter aloud to a bunch of crying fifth/sixth grade "tough guys". We saw the movie this year as a class on a field trip. Since we had read the book, it was a bit easier to see... but not much. Great story.
  8. Greatest British/UK Rock Band of All Time?

    When the Brits voted on this, they chose Queen.
  9. UAW vs. Japan

    My 2003 Malibu is all about the bling.
  10. Greatest American Rock Band

    I hate that I didn't go see Lollapalooza. I didn't think I'd like a "festival". I was an idiot.
  11. rocket launcher in jersey

    Clemens still sucks.
  12. Looks like 'sheed isn't so crazy now!
  13. Best foreign rock band.

    Give Revolver and Rubber Soul a shot too.
  14. This might be a Long Lunch

    Suzanne sucks .... !
  15. Greatest American Rock Band

    Musical taste is highly subjective. It depends what speaks to you. I love the grunge era music. My wife loves hair metal. My 2 1/2 year old son loves John Lennon and the Grateful Dead. He always wants me to put it on the "guitar channel" on Sirius in the car (Jam_On). I think it's like trying to compare RBs/QBs/WRs from different eras in football. It's tough to do. Was Barry better than Jim Brown? Is LaDainian better than Emmitt? It's much easier to say who is the best of the different eras.
  16. Best foreign rock band.

    Hard to dispute that. +1
  17. Rock the 80's

    Yeah, my son is looking forward to Guitar Hero III comes out in a couple of months. You can jam against Slash.
  18. Dateline NBC

    This one is from my local paper.
  19. Greatest American Rock Band

    All but Buckingham and Nicks were born in England. Rumours is a great album. I just watched an episode of Classic Albums on VH1 Classic. Great series where they go into the production of one album track by track. They just had one on about Rumours with tons of interviews.
  20. Greatest American Rock Band

    There'd be no grunge without punk. All of the grunge era bands listened to and were influenced by punk bands.
  21. Riddle me this, Microsoft...

    Psst. It's spelled internet.
  22. Greatest American Rock Band

    Great analogy.
  23. Michael Vick's career

    This is also the most exciting thread on thehuddle!
  24. Wal-Mart is great for people watching. The last time we went, my two year old decided to give me a hug after eating a cookie. He got chocolate all over my shoulder. Since we were going to Wal-Mart, I didn't need to change my shirt.