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  1. Mooney questionable? STANDARD...
  2. Some available: Van. Hollins. Cobb. Mooney. Patrick. Ertz. Callaway. Fant. STANDARD...
  3. BUT is CMC a good start this week, because Collins on BYE I might have to keep Gaskin My other RB is Ekeler. We start 2
  4. Cobb Meyers Lockett (Already starting AJ Brown, Godwin)
  5. Also have Bolden or Malcolm Brown.. Pick 2 Gesicki. Waller. Ruggs...
  6. Conner. Pollard. Gaskin. Latavius Murray.. STANDARD
  7. Conner. Moss. Singletary. Gaskins. Hubbard. Pollard. Jamal Williams... STANDARD
  8. McCaffery or Mattison?

    Yeah. But that hammy scares me maybe only 2 qtrs
  9. Both banged up... Standard