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  1. I have signed up for Straight Talk thru Walmart. Has been working really well. I was looking into the easy exchange plus program to replace the phone if it gets damaged. It says it covers...


    • Covers accidents such as: water damage, shattered screens and drops
    • Covers Electrical and Mechanical failures
    • 24/7/364 Support Available
    • Your broken phone will be exchanged easily via mail, with NO Shipping Costs
    • Easy claims process - no receipt needed
    • Must purchase coverage within the first 30 days after initial activation
    • Small monthly payments are automatically deducted for you
    • Cancel at any time
    • See plan terms and conditions for additional coverage information


    But when you look at terms and conditions one of the conditions is...


    Damage or other equipment failure due to causes beyond our control including, but not limited to, repairs necessary due to operator negligence, the failure to maintain the equipment according to the owner’s manual instructions, abuse, vandalism, theft, fire, flood, wind, freezing, power failure, inadequate power supply, unusual atmospheric conditions, acts of war or acts of God.



    Doesnt this pretty much cover everything possible? Has anyone used this program? Does it work? Would hate to sign up for this and find out that any kind of damage would be considered abuse. But the phone cost me a bundle and with my job Im kinda hard on phones. Thanks for any input.

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  2. Not sure why your panties are all wadded up. It was a dumb comment for real football and fantasy football.


    Real spin- Smith makes the team better and Reid throws the ball. A lot. If Bowe wants the ball, he's gonna get it


    Fantasy- Smith is better than Cassel and likely any other option they would have had this year. Reid throws the ball. A lot. If Bowe wants the ball, he's gonna get it


    What did I misinterpret and why is D-Bowe mad? He'd rather have Cassel?



    I dont think Bowe cares about getting the ball more. He just wants a high paying, long term contract.

  3. They paid a second round this year and a conditional next year that could be as high as second round.




    I realize that there are not alot of QB's out there to pick up right now, but I think this is way to steep for a 29 year old, average QB. What's more is I can see KC trading off the first pick for more picks.


    This is eerily reminiscent of Pioli making the Cassel trade. Im concerned that they will put all of the eggs in Smiths basket.

  4. Hamster update. Well we made it through the "10 day" critical period. God only knows how many we started with but it looks like we have about 8 to 10 left. I called the pet store and went off. They told me I could bring the babies to them and they would give me a bag of food. I explained that I lived quite a ways away. So we settled on 4 bucks (in store credit) a piece for them. So if they live another week or two we should be able to get my boy some cool tunnels or some kind of add on around Christmas.

    Anyway in 11 days they have at least 5x in size and are moving around. Eyes are still not opened yet. From what I understand from the internets they will be fully functional (able to breed) when they are 4 weeks. Oh boy.

  5. I thought about calling the pet store. The problem is that I live out in the country. So taking a stupid hamster back to the pet store is gonna get expensive with gas prices. A 10 dollar hamster would turn into a 40 dollar one real quick.

    We put her in a quite place last night, fed her and left them alone. Today I went to feed her and the little boogers are twice the size as yesterday. Read a little on the internet last night and in 4 weeks they are old enough to breed. Anybody want a free hamster or 12?

  6. So my son wanted a hamster for his birthday. I told the SOB at the pet store that I wanted a male. Guess what, I looked in the cage tonight and my male hamster had about 12 babies. Not prepared for this one. We are trying to figure out what to do with them, my suggestion was shot down quickly. So I guess we are going to let them live. I know alot of you have kids so I would guess that there are a few of you that have had hamsters. Open to any advice that any of you have. Remember for those of you giving advice that termination is not an option. Thanks in advance.

  7. Yep. Crennel should get the night off. Not sure how you can coach after witnessing that.



    That's it. The guy had problems and right now it should probably be less about him than RAC, the family and his friends/players that have heavy hearts right now. Come on it's two crappy teams playing an irrelevant game. Postpone it.