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  1. Our wettest dream has come true!

    I just picked up the newspaper and read this. Oh, what a wonderful day !!!!
  2. Julius Jones

    I've never quite figured out whether Jerry Jones is a Julius fan or not. Locally, when you hear Jerry talk it sounds like clearly Julius is his starter, but for the past 2 years now there again comes this trade talk for Julius. I think they are serious about "if the right offer comes along". That right offer is going to be a very high 2nd for Jerry to do this though I think. As for players who knows what Dallas wants. I can't even speculate as to what Dallas is trying to do or how they will draft. Defensively they want to move Henry to safety so another corner will be in the near future and there really needs to be some real effort into finding a younger solid wide receiver. As for Julius he never really seemed to be comfortable with Parcells. I think he has something but only will you see it if the team has a decent OL that can give him that second to view the lane. Remember, his brother really spared us out for a couple of years also before he came around. I think Julius is better than his brother.
  3. Just looking to next year as to who you huddlers think with be the next great rookie running back for 2007.
  4. Romo to start in Dallas

    Exactly...no real Cowboy fan is that attached to Bledsoe, but Romo to me is just a mobile Bledsoe throwing picks instead of a statue throwing picks. I guess it will at least be more entertaining for us Cowboy fans. Oh, and one more way to beat the 'boyz is just throw to whomever Roy Williams might be covering.
  5. Romo Time

    Tony Romo is a scrambling Drew Bledsoe. He'll throw a ton of stupid interceptions also. I think they have to go back to Bledsoe one more time...What a nightmare for us Cowboy fans right now. Dallas should have given their #1 pick last year to Atlanta for Matt Schaub. Instead we used that pick for a linebacker who can't even dress for a game...geniuses in that "war room" for Dallas. I thought Parcells was a coaching god...he has done nothing of note here in Dallas.
  6. Mike Vick - "Screw it"

    Every year we start hearing how Vick doesn't have any receivers. Atlanta drafts receivers, Atlanta trades for receivers, Atlanta signs free agent receivers, and never they have found a good one to match with Vick. Could any of you imagine his completion percentage if it weren't for Warrick Dunn? After this year it should be clear that the MVE should be done with and he is just an odd fit for a NFL team. Atlanta should be using Schaub as the starter and Vick as a gimmick...then this team will be a real threat.
  7. Jax-Indy Updates ?

    How is Jones-Drew looking and why is he stealing so many Fred Taylor carries? Thanks!
  8. We start 3 running backs in this league and my 3 and 4 options are Dillon or J. Jones. Kind of up in the air as to who to start in my 3rd spot.

    NO, not right now.

    I wouldn't bet on being right about anything in Houston at the moment, but I disagree that Gado is that far behind. Sherman coaching puts Gado ahead of the curve in this situation. You're right that trades once the season starts usually have little impact, but for this combination of player and coach it does make this situation a little different. How much, who knows, but I do put some value in it. whoops... from the bronco billy statement earlier in the thread "If that were the case, HOU would have made this move in preseason, not half way to week 2 games - especially since Morency had a good game in preseason week 3 and would have appeared to have higher value than he really did. Rarely are in-season trades any kind of impact trade, unless it is a team getting rid of a disgruntled player that they know won't be playing for them any more (ie - Branch to SEA). Gado is WAY behind the other RBs in HOU, despite his association with Sherman. You could be right, but I sure wouldn't pick that side of any bet - the odds are too long."

    The fact that Sherman is the OC in Houston leads me to think that Gado will be given a chance to start, unless of course Lundy just goes nuts in the next few weeks. Over the summer we kept reading about how Gado was not picking up the new Green Bay system and at least from comments you read on the net that Noah Herron had seemed to move up over Gado did not bode well for Gado. Morency probably does meet the mold of Ahman Green better also. Anyway, I'm guessing you might see Gado starting at some point soon just to see if Houston has a better option. I would not lean on any Houston running back for more than anything other than backup support for the upcoming weeks. From the Houston Texans website below also: "Texans trade for Gado September 13, 2006 By Nick Schenck HoustonTexans.com Head coach Gary Kubiak announced after practice Wednesday that the Texans and Green Bay Packers have agreed to swap running backs Vernand Morency and Samkon Gado. The trade will become official once each player passes his physical, which could happen as soon as Thursday. Playing under current Texans assistant head coach/offense Mike Sherman last year in Green Bay, Gado (5-10, 226) gained 582 yards on 143 carries (4.1 avg.) and tied for the league lead among rookies with six rushing touchdowns. He also had 10 receptions for 77 yards (7.7 avg.) and another score. Gado played in eight games with five starts in place of injured running backs Ahman Green and Najeh Davenport. Gado missed the final two games after spraining his right knee. Gado was originally signed by the Kansas City Chiefs as an undrafted free agent from Liberty University. After spending some time on the Chiefs’ practice squad and being released, Green Bay signed him to their practice squad Oct. 17 before activating him 12 days later. Known for his breakaway speed, Gado played his best game versus Detroit on Dec. 11. 2005. He gained 171 rushing yards and scored on a 64-yard touchdown run. He finished with 180 yards of total offense. In November, Gado earned NFL offensive Rookie of the Month honors. A third-round pick in 2005, Morency played in 13 games with one start last season. He gained 184 rushing yards and scored two touchdowns. Playing behind rookie Wali Lundy this year, Morency rushed five times for 13 yards against the Eagles in Week 1. "
  12. Julius Jones in trouble?

    DMD is right on about what he saw in the game. JJ was getting hit before he could even get a step it seemed on a few of those carries. The other odd thing is they kept swinging JJ out to the right and he is not an east-west runner. The starting OL for Dallas last night just didn't do a good job against the starting Minn DL. Regardless, with what I perceive will be a mediocre OL neither running back will be a top 15 RB but both will continue to rotate pretty evenly throughout the season. If the offensive line was better I still stink that Jones would be the primary back, but with this mess I just can't tell.
  13. T-Man is the the most annoying out there currently. It's going to be a long year of Monday nighters...