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  1. Al,


    Can you please confirm that this is current for last years dues list?  Whatever you are short I'm going to pay you and I'll get after these people myself.  Sorry about this and not keeping on it. 




    2018 Dues List

    Buffalo Bills - bpwallace49 - 
    Miami Dolphins - Duchess Jack - 
    New England Patriots - Bring Back Pat - Paid with 2017 winnings
    New York Jets - TNewk22 - Paid check

    Baltimore Ravens - Jweed - Paid with zelle
    Cincinnati Bengals - Dug - Paid check
    Cleveland Browns - loaf - Paid zelle
    Pittsburgh Steelers - Diehard Steeler - 

    Houston Texans - GooseAmbassadorToJapan - Paid zelle via Loaf
    Indianapolis Colts - thticket Paid with 2017 winnings

    2019 dues - Paid with 2017 winnings
    Jacksonville Jaguars - redjunkblitz - paid with zelle

    Tennessee Titans - S_bone 

    Denver Broncos - KRUMP - Paid with zelle
    Kansas City Chiefs - DO Jaded - Paid with 2017 winnings
    Oakland Raiders - TBARTA - 
    San Diego Chargers - Trojanmojo - Paid with zelle

    Dallas Cowboys - General Itals - paid with zelle
    New York Giants - FWmaker - paid with 2018 winnings
    Philadelphia Eagles - Avernus - paid check
    Washington Redskins - VinylAcademics -  

    Chicago Bears - rocknrobn26 - Paid with zelle
    Detroit Lions - Alchico - Paid
    Green Bay Packers - Big John- Paid with check
    Minnesota Vikings - pg027 - 

    Atlanta Falcons - Jnewc22 - Paid check
    Carolina Panthers - Pillsbury - Used 2018 winnings to pay
    New Orleans Saints - Hoosier Daddy - Paid with 2017 winnings
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - HowboutthemCowboys - 

    Arizona Cardinals - Def. - Paid $25 from winnings in another league. 

    St. Louis Rams - dsquad - Paid with 2017 winnings

    2019 dues - Paid with 2017 winnings
    San Francisco 49ers - Iceman0125  - Paid with 2017 winnings
    Seattle Seahawks - panhead55 - Paid with 2017 winnings

  2. Al sent a trade in AOTAOP



  3. I finally got my Bank app to work.. I think.  Should have payment shortly but please let me know if anything goes a miss.


    Confirmation #USB824365655

  4. Bay Area League

    Bump for any bay area huddlers
  5. Happy Birthday!

    Happy belated birthday Darin
  6. Pick one

    With all those picks in the early rounds i would think you could get Young back in the draft. Vince rarely goes as early as the 5th rd. What other options do you have for keepers??? Surely you have a wr worthy of consideration.
  7. Is this lying?

    It may or may not matter, What, was said but since he is a good friend of yours you probably did the right thing.
  8. Pick-up truck (of any kind)

    I have 2. A 2001 Ford Ranger and a 69 Ford 1 ton beast. The Ranger is for work and the 69 is for hauling and big loads. Plus someday i hope to restore the 69.
  9. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    congrats, must have went fast after u got bumped , only 2 left now. can't see the game but i can see the stats from the game
  10. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    how do you watch??? can someone give me a link???
  11. Any BOTH Auction leagues or Huddlers in one

    Thanks Puddy Yours is almost exactly what we are thinking of doing. I thought there would need to be a lot more rules for an auction league but it seems pretty simple. The differances are we are going to go with blind bidding for waivers and 3 keepers with 1 rookie. Does 3 year contracts create enough turnover??? I just think a guy can be real strong for all 3 years if he drafts well or is a shrewd trader. Since i've never been in a Keeeper league i guess thats what its all about.
  12. Mock Drafts

    Wow i just did 3 drafts in an hour and a half, very addicting.
  13. Some Bay area ff players are looking to start a live auction league and we could use some help with the rules/bylaws. Anyone in a league that i could look at your rules??? We are also considering Keepers and/or rookie keepers, so anyone using this format would also help. Thanks
  14. NSab's Perfect Storm.

    Congrats on the new grandaughter and condloences on losing your grandmother
  15. Two more in the family