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  1. Don't do it. You have this guy on the ropes, he's going to keep trying and sooner or later he will make a mistake and give you a decent offer. I agree that the best offer you have received so far is the Cutler for the rd1 swaps. His other offers have been very one-sided to say the least. Be patient grasshopper
  2. Kitching flooring question

    That stuff will work and probably last a couple of years. Home depot sells a kit i use to make repairs in the aprtments i maintain. Make sure you clean the area real good with a solvent, like mineral spirits, then get your wifes blow dryer and heat the area to make the lino soft. If you can lift the lino up, put a little adhesive underneath and let it dry. If it's not pulling up at all still use the blowdryer, then apply a little of the sealer to the seams. Sometimes it takes a few coats of the sealer. Once it's dry your good to go.
  3. 35 years ago today...................

    Congrats RR and to your lovely wife, i was catching up to ya but them you go and have another anniversary. Your celebration sounded a little like mine, except i went and picked out the jewelry. Still gotta give you a call about the Vegas trip, but were in no hurry(well the wife is a little) Can't find your # so when you get a chance PM it to me again.
  4. Prayers, please

    Thoughts and Prayers sent to his family.
  5. Keeper League Question

    I agree you have to keep Bush and either Wayne or Smith
  6. I agree on passing on number 2. The 1-1 for Cutler and the 1-3 is tempting. I say go for it on the Palmer offer, all he can say is no, i sure wouldn't do it as the plamer owner but stranger things have been accepted.
  7. Billy Martin, eat your heart out

    I especially liked the crawling up to the mound and launching the rosin bag
  8. Unless you somehow knew you would get AP or CJ I don't think you do this. Cutler is nice but he still hasn't proven himself over a full season. While Clayton probably won't be a number #1 wr he will put up good stats and is probably the #2/3 wr on your team. Your just not helping yourself enough with this trade as your need for a impact player is too great and AP or CJ is your best bet at that player.
  9. IDP mock is running.

    I'm in my second year also and I do know the importance of LB's. Also the reason i took the top 2 CB's was they don't normally score as much as safeties but those 2 are usually right at the top and quite a bit higher scoring than the rest of the cb's and on par with the higher scoring safties. The safties are much more bunched together near the top. Quite a few teams have stayed prety much offense orientated (4 or less IDP players after 15 rounds) which seems like a little too much offense. Especially considering 1 took a 3rd QB already, 1 took a true backup RB(Turner-and not the LT owner) and 1 guy has 6 wr's. Since we start 8 on offense and 8 on defense, having 12-13 offensive players and only 3-4 densive players after 15 rounds doesn't make much sense. But again i'm a newb so what do i know.
  10. Friday Night Poker

    I tried and nothing. Used his IP, never allowed to me enter. Tried finding table, nothing worked. Double and triple checked the IP
  11. Friday Night Poker

    I'm in if i can stay awake
  12. IDP mock is running.

    This is and IDP league and Kelly has no defense. While his offense does look good, 3 qb's is a little much this early. But since i'm a IDP newbie, what do i know. I think jetsman has a very well rounded roster so far and of course i like my team as well.
  13. Homer sites?

  14. Smelly Dilema Who does this remind you of
  15. I just....

    Congrats BM, Just celebrated 30 years with the wife yesterday. Hey do me a favor, since your anniversary is so close to mine, can you drop me a pm each year so i don't forget
  16. My 30th anniversay is today

    Well today is my 30th wedding anniversary and i had planned on a surprise Hawaii trip. The other day i was talking to my daughter-in-law and she told me my wife didn't want to go to Hawaii, she wanted to go to Vegas. So guess what, sounded great to me , so Vegas it is She's even letting me go to my grandson's little league tournament today. (They have a shot at the finals if they win at 12:30) They are 2-1 and my grandson pitched for the 1st time in his life as a little leaguer Sat. He allowed 1 run on an error and struck out the side.
  17. IDP mock is running.

  18. My 30th anniversay is today

    Thanks everyone for all the Well wishes and tips on the trip. I'll be checking out the links everyone supplied and RR i'll probably give you a call in the next few days(congrats on 35 ) Just to clarify, She picked Vegas not me, although it would have definately been my choice Grandson's team didn't fare too well yesterday, they gave up 12 in the 1st 2 innings but battled back only to lose 14-8.
  19. My 30th anniversay is today

    Hey any of you Vegas gurus have any suggestions on where to stay??? Got the flights, as southwest has $44 flights all june and july(OAK/LAS) I want a nice place but don't want to break the bank. Mid week or over the weekend, doesn't really matter, but i do want to be able to go to a few shows. Wife is really into country music, so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  20. IDP mock is running.

    Well i'm off to my grandsons little league tournament. Won't be back until tonite and then i'm taking the wife out. It's my 30th anniversary today.
  21. IDP mock is running.

    Also the 1 wr/te thing is kinda screwy
  22. IDP mock is running.

    I'm not saying it is a dynasty just that a couple are drafting as if it is. I believe it was intended to be a redraft
  23. IDP mock is running.

    I saw a couple of guys talking about this in the chat on the site. Several said they were drafting as if a dynasty. It won't be a very good representation if some are and some are not.
  24. Chester Taylor

    Hey don't forget Stephen Jackson, he was picked twice in the 1st round of the first mock.