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  1. The 'Over 45' FFL

    Great name I'm leaving for Detroit tomorrow, if the weather gods allow it, and won't have access to a computer until i get back on the 5th. So if anything comes up i'm confirming my comittment to the league now.
  2. Weekly Blitz

  3. The 'Over 45' FFL

    I'd be interested sky. I turn a ripe old 51 tommorrow!!!
  4. Your probably Screwed Even if you get a hold of the commisioner there probably isn't anything he can do.
  5. RB's Galore....

    Go with Davis and goings. lewis is still limping and droughns is still in the dog house, i think, who knows with shanahan.
  6. WDIS - RB

    You heard it here first, Start Rudi against Bills. If kitna starts and i think he will, his passing abilities will open it up for the running game and a screen pass or 2 for a long one. Remember rudi and kitna last year
  7. Help avoid the self destruct button

    Moulds-nothing more than a hunch and i really like clayton
  8. Flex Player

    Bruce, Johnson and the Car D
  9. Ravens Owners Are You Nervous?

    The guy in my league who has balt d and ridden them to the #1 seed has benched them in favor of the chargers. It's probably because he also has manning. That being said, Start who got ya there. Baltimore may give up some points, but i think they can make up for it with a defensive td or 2.
  10. QB Help

    I like Chandler, he's on a veteran team with a lot of quality targets
  11. WDIS at WR?

    Go with Ward he's so much better
  12. I'm divin in....

    IMHO Smith Rudi Porter Galloway in this order
  13. Weekly Blitz

    At least i got to see my name near the top last week!!!!! CLE DAL DET MIA SEA
  14. The #1 team in our league has Tanked his game with me by Removing his monday night player. I probably would never had noticed as i'm in last place but i am playing him this week. As a result i will beat him. The loss will move him to the #2 seed, where he will play one of the other division leaders. This will pit the other division leader against wild card team who is on Fire!!!! He has set the single season scoring record for our league 2 weeks in a row with 171 and 179 points and he has over a 100 again this week. Avg for our league is 80-110 with the previous high ever of 159. Is this wrong or just good strategy???? If it was me that was gonna get stuck with the wild card i think i'd be a little upset. What do you guys think???
  15. Tanking a game to change playoff seeding

    Had to go out of town for a few days as my brother had a kidney transplant. I'm amazed at the varied responses this has generated. Personally i think it's wrong and not sure what should or could be done about it.(nothing in our rules covered it-including no penalty for a partial lineup) If i was one of the top teams i would definately raise a stink, but seeing how an email by me to the commissioner went unanswered and no one else seemed to notice, i won't be taking it any further. In fact as many have suggested i will be finding another league with next year. Hopefully one with a little more integrety. As it turned out he would have lost anyways and i'm sure he'll get his in the playoffs. I'll try to come back to it this weekend and let you all know how it turned out
  16. Tanking a game to change playoff seeding

    He is affecting another teams seeding!!!
  17. Tanking a game to change playoff seeding

    It may come back to haunt him, especially since i would have beat him anyways. Now it just makes him look bad and could bite him in the a**.
  18. Tanking a game to change playoff seeding

    He had mason starting yesterday, but just benched him today, with no replacement. Not sure what the rule is but i think you forfiet if you have an illegal lineup which is what he wants anyway.
  19. Weekly Blitz

  20. Weekly Blitz

    Det Min Phi Pit Sfo
  21. Commissioner Help

    Head to head doesn't work with 4 differant teams, unless you want to go with overall total head to head records. Example team A against B, C, D - team B against A, C, D - Team C against A, B, D - team D against A, B, C - Worst record out, if still tied go to total points. IMO though, head to head should be thrown out in this situation and total points used. Fantasy football is about points and that should be the determing factor.
  22. Weekly Blitz

    Bal Chi Det Gbp Oak
  23. I'm in last place and going nowhere, but i'm very competitive. Should i start manning or pick up dilfer???
  24. Weekly Blitz

    ari det nyg pit stl going for 3 straight 0-5's