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  1. Poker-15 minutes. Who's in?

    Hey i still resemble that remark
  2. Poker-15 minutes. Who's in?

    I'll play
  3. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    Thanks Big John, not sure what happened but i marked darin3 and stoperat last night. The check was from Irish. Only one more to pay.
  4. Relay For Life

    Us Detroit boys gotta help one another out. Donation sent, hope you get to $1000.
  5. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    All but 1 paid, but i have a check and i don't know who it's for. Sent PM's to the 2 not marked paid
  6. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    Updated for friday's games-Except the A's and yankees Done
  7. Friday Night Poker

    Hey, I resemble that remark
  8. Friday Night Poker

    I'm in, we playing???
  9. Helping Chuck with his Relay for Life goal

    In my experiance on ebay most of the activity is in the last few minutes.
  10. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    Updated for thursday's games-not very many games and the mariners/red sox ppd again
  11. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    Updated for wednsday's games including the conclusion of the suspended Brewers/Marlins game.
  12. I know we have some mortgage people here.

    What's the best rate right now??? I just finished the paperwork to refinance my original and my home equity together. Were supposed to close thursday. He told me we were at 6% with a 1/2 point but told me if things went down i'd get the better rate.
  13. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    Updated as of tues nite. Marlins/Brewers was suspended, i assume it will be finished tomorrow.
  14. It's hell being sick!

    Get better soon buddy. I know what your going through. I got sick a few weeks back and i still don't feel like i've recovered yet.
  15. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    Correct the answer is No. While playing more games does slightly increase your chances, it's not that significant. Last year i won one and by far had the least amount of games played. I believe the reason Whomp did it this way is, it would be way more complicated to keep track and he just wanted to keep it simple. It does take a lot of time each day to update. The game ends when one team gets all it's numbers. The rest of the games that day count and if there is a tie, they split the pot.
  16. Looking back at the women of The Sopranos

    +1 for the good Dr. and she is more of a regular than a couple that are listed
  17. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    Updated for the 1st day
  18. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    My buddy ErikH took the Marlins and i am paying the entry fee to put my BOTH league MSHB in as the last owner of Mariners. We have sorta continued the Katrina Fund by using our league fees for a worthy cause and if the Mariners win the money will be donated to the league fund.
  19. Easter Egg Surprise This one is hilarious
  20. Easter egg roll contest at the white house

    How do people edit these things to look so real
  21. Sopranos

    +1 I recently canceled all my movie channels due to a price increase. My wife has been on my back to get HBO back to watch the Sopranos. We had a Free weekend running so i didn't re-up yet and i'm not sure i will after that.
  22. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    All teams are accounted for. I just need to see if the last 2 owners have a preferance. Tomorrows (Monday 4/9) scores will kick it off.
  23. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    You got the Rockies.
  24. Baseball 1-10 Pool version #2

    Let's give it until the end of the day and if i don't get anyone they are yours. I also have someone who will take the last team if need be.
  25. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter all, enjoy your family today and everyday.