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  1. Bay Area League

    Bump for any bay area huddlers
  2. Happy Birthday!

    Happy belated birthday Darin
  3. Pick one

    With all those picks in the early rounds i would think you could get Young back in the draft. Vince rarely goes as early as the 5th rd. What other options do you have for keepers??? Surely you have a wr worthy of consideration.
  4. Is this lying?

    It may or may not matter, What, was said but since he is a good friend of yours you probably did the right thing.
  5. Some Bay area ff players are looking to start a live auction league and we could use some help with the rules/bylaws. Anyone in a league that i could look at your rules??? We are also considering Keepers and/or rookie keepers, so anyone using this format would also help. Thanks
  6. Pick-up truck (of any kind)

    I have 2. A 2001 Ford Ranger and a 69 Ford 1 ton beast. The Ranger is for work and the 69 is for hauling and big loads. Plus someday i hope to restore the 69.
  7. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    congrats, must have went fast after u got bumped , only 2 left now. can't see the game but i can see the stats from the game
  8. Come Watch Menudo At A Final Table

    how do you watch??? can someone give me a link???
  9. Any BOTH Auction leagues or Huddlers in one

    Thanks Puddy Yours is almost exactly what we are thinking of doing. I thought there would need to be a lot more rules for an auction league but it seems pretty simple. The differances are we are going to go with blind bidding for waivers and 3 keepers with 1 rookie. Does 3 year contracts create enough turnover??? I just think a guy can be real strong for all 3 years if he drafts well or is a shrewd trader. Since i've never been in a Keeeper league i guess thats what its all about.
  10. Mock Drafts

    Wow i just did 3 drafts in an hour and a half, very addicting.
  11. NSab's Perfect Storm.

    Congrats on the new grandaughter and condloences on losing your grandmother
  12. Two more in the family

  13. Twiley's kid on the way!

    Congrats Twiley and Twoobs
  14. Bay Area League

    Been a long time since i was in an auction league. I may be interested.
  15. Prayers Needed

    My deepest sympathys to you and your family. He will be missed but not forgotten. Hang in there timmy.
  16. Prayers Needed

    Lot's more prayers coming, we gotta turn this around!!!

    Happy Birthday Whomp
  18. Prayers Needed

    Prayers and good vibes continue on the way, tell Tom he needs to be home for poker on friday.
  19. HealthCare

    I've always had full medical coverage for me and my family through my employer for most of my life. About 7 years ago i semi-retired but had no health coverage. I had to pay for everything out of pocket as i couldn't afford health insurance. That went fine for a while but it soon got expensive as my wife has high blood pressure and is a diebetic. I decided to go back to work at a small local company mostly to get insurance.(i have a pre-existing condition, had a heart attack in 94, so a company plan is my only option) They only pay 1/2 of mine and none of my wifes. I started off at $500 a month and as of the 1st of this year it was up to $800 a month (out of my check) My company was recently bought out by another small company and yesterday they offered all the employees the oppurtonity to transfer over to their plan(same insurance company just a differant plan. It's a $30 co-pay(old one $15) with a $1000 deductible. At first i thought $10000 dollar deductible, that's crazy. But i decided to crunch the numbers. I currently pay $9,504 a year, under the new plan i will be paying $4992 a savings of $4512 in premiums. Since i rarely go the doctors my $1000 deductible is mute and we figured my wifes visits and tests from last year and she wouldn't even pay out her entire deductible. So to wrap up this rambling, I will soon save $4500 in premiums and even if my wifes continues at her current rate, my savings will be over $3500 and if i should succomb to some medical problem, i'll still save over $2500 a year. It also has a cap per individual so even if something catastophic happens i'll break even for the year. These deductible plans are out there but we are so programed to take the easy way out we never look to explore other possibilities. TimC makes a very valid point, stop trying to insure your self for everything, it costs way to much!!!
  20. DJack and RegBrown for AJohnson and picks?

    If your getting Johnson and the 2 draft picks, I think you have to go for it. It still leaves you with 3 starting wr's and you may be able to parlay those picks into something better. Johnson is better than either one of the wr's in the trade and your getting 2 draft picks for the the other. It all depends on if your a veteran type of guy or you like to take chances on rookies. With the extra picks it increases your odds of getting a good one.
  21. Saturday night poker

    we play with the moneymaker software that you buy at best buy
  22. Saturday night poker

    i'm here
  23. Positive Waves Needed.

    Positive Waves are on their way
  24. Prayers/good vibes needed

    prayers and good vibes sent
  25. the Sopranos finale contest

    Looks to me like whomp has 8. Tony was not brought up on any charges in the episode. I could be wrong but i don't think so.