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  1. playoff help

    I'd go with Farve for sure this week... he's been playing more consistantly than bulger.. and tatum for sure... the sun is out, its hot, and rookie QB...bell will get the touches
  2. Travis Henry / Fred Taylor

    I really like Henry in this match up better chances of him getting you TD's
  3. I agree that Young has been on a hot streak.. but i think the Jags Def know now how to contain him, with a spy and the ends collapsing the pocket quickly.. its going to force young to make too quick of decisions.... on the other hand im afraid of leaving my playoff hopes in cutler's hands..
  4. So its the playoff and in my league we cannot do any WW moves during. I'm a former Mcnabb owner and a forner E.Manning own.. So now I'm stuck with V.Young and J.Cutler... Standard scoring.. I like Young but i just dont like the match up he has... Is Cutler going to throw bombs down the field on Arizona???
  5. Bulger and Maroney are going

    I cant get the New England game. Is Maroney even in the game still??? this guy kills me...same as you, i start him nothing, i dont start he gets the ball...
  6. Has Barber III supplanted J.Jones as the starter?

    quote]There's a bit of a difference between body size between Tiki and Jacobs and then JJ and MBIII. I can clearly see why Jacobs gets the GL over Tiki but I don't know why JJ can't get a GL carry every once in a while. Because He's fumbled before on the goal line, Parcells probably doesnt want to risk it.[
  7. Has Barber III supplanted J.Jones as the starter?

    he's fumbled before at the goaline, also he doesnt have the mass like Barber to push a second effort. Next years mini camps and preseason will be interesting who comes out the starter...
  8. Starting Line up deadlines?

    Yeah thats right... it sucks, especilly if you are waiting to hear how a player does on the thursday practices, or a gametime decision.. it makes for some serious advanced planning on the week...
  9. In my league we have to have our starting line ups in by Midnight the day before the first game of the week. With the Thursday games in effect, having the lineups in by Wednesday is tough. I have never been a fan of this policy. I'm just wondering what the rest of you have to do.. Maybe i can make some suggestions to my league for a change next year.. thanks for any input.
  10. I'm a McnAbb owner and thanks to him I am first in my League...I have E.Manning as the back up.. Six weeks ago i would have started Manning in a sinch if McNabb got hurt...now i dont know anymore...should i pick up Garcia and start him instead of Manning???? thanks
  11. Philly's fumble recovery TD

    the defence wasn't on the field so it can not be a defencive TD the TD belongs to Bucky
  12. Brown-Cbuck TD

    to me it looked like the same thing that R.Moss did a few years ago in Minni.. i dont think that should be ruled a fumble
  13. McAllister or Maroney?

    I like Moroney this week....he'll get a long score for sure this week
  14. Do I make either of these trades?

    WoW.. I really like Gore and Wayne for the future, Wayne for sure, SanFran may take a while to come around. That being said if you give up those two for Portis (which is ok) i really like the two second round picks..that way you can get an elite wideout for sure and a great 2nd back.