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  1. Which WR should I add?

    JJ and BA
  2. IR/COVID stash spots?

    MFL or bust..... most customization to anything you want and to whatever the season will throw at you
  3. got trouble with my recivers

    thanks guys thats wht i was thinking at first... that Bruce thing just made me second guess myself
  4. Whosmyschnizzle or A. Smith?

    Smith's matchup against the raiders is ver tasty ver good chace to score there
  5. got trouble with my recivers

    any other thoughts or is Smith and Bruce my best options????
  6. A Totally New WDIS for Friday

    I like Cooley...i missed him on waivers but anyway he has the best chance at seeing the ball once or twice
  7. Droughns or Goings?

    I agree the potential of some points is better then the potenial of no points
  8. N.O racking up the score aganst Tampa???? No Way...Go with Pittman for sure and if you dont wanna play Smith then play Johnson...the dudes on fire...even if he dose have a tough matchup
  9. Its simple...the Jags are going to run the ball in the snow...so go with freddie, and in the playoffs you dont sit your starters...gotta go with green all the way
  10. WDIS

    thats not much to choose from... I like Jones this week... and smith has a good matchup
  11. wdis

    For sure go with Pittman, and McGahee The Edge will get 100 yds but thats it Jones will get at least one TD but no serious yrds i like Jones for the flex or third spot
  12. Ok, im in the second round of the playoffs Standard scoring system and my recievers are far from reliable this week. my options are grim and i have to pick two J.Smith vs snow and wind D.Mason vs sprained ankle...god i love the matchup against the Raiders I.Bruce vs the Torry Holt show and H.Ward... my biggest bust of the season Any help would be apprieciated Thanks
  13. WDIS Vick, Griese or Pennington

    I'd go with Griese on this one.....he's got the hot hand at the moment