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  1. Thunderballs | electricrelish gave up Succop, Ryan TBB PK Cantankerous Idiots | BearBroncos gave up $1
  2. Reluctantly I will take 1.10 Benny Snell Paris Campbell
  3. Franchise tag Mike Evans TB WR
  4. Returning? - League is full

  5. LLD Champion - Honey Ryders - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    Great job, Honey Ryders! Pretty amazing that you won two Bond Dynasty leagues in the same calendar year. Hats off to an amazing season!
  6. LLD 2020 Playoffs

    If you count all the legal points, I won.
  7. LLD 2020 Playoffs

    Yeeeessssss!!!! Made it!!!
  8. LLD 2020 Roster Moves

    Placed Edelman on IR