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  1. Any boat owners in the house?

    If you don't have much experience on the water,take a boating safety course.Bad things can happen quickly,and the water is pretty unforgiving.Having said that,have fun with your new money pit. I just paid mine off,there's no way I'm selling it now.It's a Mastercraft Prostar 205.
  2. What size monitor do you have

    Viewsonic 20.1 inch widescreen LCD 1680 x 1050
  3. Pacman Jones in Trouble Again

    A 72 Pinto would have exploded long before reaching 79 mph.
  4. dog won't quit whizzin in floor

    If you haven't already tried,crate training.
  5. Speed of lightning

    Never fear,Underdog is here! The trailer.Sorry if this has already been posted.
  6. Damn aligator bit my hand off!

    LOL...that must have been why I placed the "before he had a chance" part in the sentence.
  7. Damn aligator bit my hand off!

    The guy ignores a "Beware of Alligator" sign just to retrieve a ball. The gator needed to get him before he had a chance to pass on his DNA.
  8. i have a migraine

    Regular meds don't work for me.None.Before we figured out what they were,the doc even gave me percocets and they barely put a dent in them. Imitrex is the only drug that works for me.
  9. i have a migraine

    I get a variation of a migraine called "cluster headaches". Something triggers them,and I get 1-2 a day for 2 1/2 weeks,then they're gone until next year. Painful doesn't even begin to describe them.
  10. Let the rumors begin to fly.

    I don't know about internet rumors,but on the way to work yesterday ESPN radio reported that Cowher was interested in returning in 2008,and the teams he was interested in were Carolina,Washington,and Cleveland.
  11. Going to a wedding reception is placing yourself in an ugly situation? Wait...that didn't come out right.
  12. Shots were reported about a block away.The police show up and tell you to disperse at a wedding party when you haven't done anything.You refuse and they arrest you. Quincy is a good guy,not a Pac-man or Henry. I expect the charges will probably be dropped.
  13. Since the police have identified two 21 year old males as suspects,I'd go with he had nothing to do with it. Edit:To add news link
  14. Office vulturing

    We had a food thief at work as well a few years ago.He would only take the better tasting stuff,pizza,cookies,deserts,etc. We used the tried but true chocolate ex-lax brownie trap.
  15. Not so fast my friend...