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  1. Players You’re Disgusted With

    This list isn't complete without mention of Chase Claypool. I guess reports out of Pittsburgh are that they are ditching Matt Canada's run-first approach and moving to a gun slinging fast paced offense. And even if that happens, I still expect a 3-41 type of line. I can't think of a guy more due for positive regression on the TD front than Claypool.
  2. That sinking feeling

    'Tis the season for that feelin', Deebo's hurt and now so's Thielen, Burrow almost lost a pinky, fa-la-la-la-la-la.... la-la-la And the playoff schedule's stinky, fa-la-la-la-la.... la-la-la-la TAKE IT RUSS!!!
  3. AJ Brown

    My monster group of AJ Brown, Cordarrelle Patterson and TJ Hockenson were electric yesterday. So fast, I barely noticed them playing. As for Brown, better days are ahead. This feels like a blip on the radar to me, as he had averaged ten targets per game for the four weeks prior to yesterday. Not time to panic.
  4. Dolphins-Texans Have Agreed on Watson Trade

    Again, convenient for Watson. He doesn't want to play for the Texans. Perhaps they have discussed this with him, but Watson said "Nah, I'm good riding this out as is..."
  5. Dolphins-Texans Have Agreed on Watson Trade

    See, I think just the opposite. The civil cases lingering are exactly the catalyst to make a deal. These legal issues make it easier for the Texans to justify trading away a generational talent like Watson. Cal McNair and Nick Caserio can sleep better at night thinking they traded him for the right reasons (on high moral ground), not because Watson wants nothing to do with your franchise anymore. If there were no legal issues for Watson, I think the Houston front office would be in full blown ass-kissing mode trying to do anything and everything to make Watson want to stay. Watson just signed an extension, so he has no real leverage to get dealt. Again, this situation is like the perfect storm needed for a team to even consider trading their generational talent QB.
  6. Is this trade veto able?

    Well at least now I know how the F a topic like this got to three pages. Well done, Huddle community. Also, no is always the correct answer to any question about vetoing a trade.
  7. Dolphins-Texans Have Agreed on Watson Trade

    Tua would absolutely have to go to Houston to make this work. Also, the conspiracy theorist in me wants to believe that this situation is convenient for Watson. No criminal charges, not allowed to play for a team he has openly said he doesn't want to play for, still getting paid 100% of his salary, trade talks in the mix, etc. - Somehow I won't be shocked if Watson, once dealt, all of a sudden chooses to just throw money at the Civil suits to make them go away and moves on with his life. If there were going to be criminal charges, seems like they'd have been filed by now. Civil suits are purely about compensating someone who was wronged, usually with money (which Watson has plenty of). Let's just say I won't be surprised at all if somehow these legal issues become non-issues once he isn't a Texan...
  8. Bier

    check swing strike call was
  9. I am curious what other ARob owners are doing out there. I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel, but then again, he has found a way to produce with mediocre QB play in the past. I'm not sure if now is the time. He feels like a waste of roster space. I thought a full week of practice for Fields, a change in game plan with no Montgomery, the Raiders being pretty terrible against the pass... this was the week for ARob to show something. It didn't happen. So here we are... are we cutting ARob?
  10. There's no real trade value, but I guess packaging might make sense if I was just thinking of dropping him anyway. Below is the team: QB: Tua, Cousins (I am streaming here - will be dropping one of them) RB: Zeke, Javonte Williams, AJ Dillon, A. Mattison, E. Mitchell, S. Michel WR: Deebo, Theilen, ARob, Claypool, Shenault, Cordarrelle TE: Kelce DEF: Cards K: M. Gay
  11. Who to pick up

    I'd prioritize Toney. He has the most upside of those guys on waivers. You RB bench has a ton of upside guys there, but your WR bench is meh. Williams is a one-month guy in KC, and there are rumors they may trade for RB help anyway.
  12. Is it time to trade Patrick Mahomes?

    This just happened in my league before Sunday's games... Mahomes and Tonyan were dealt for Herbert and Kamara.
  13. Urban Meyer

    This sort of stuff does make it seem like he is trying to get fired. The comments are hilarious... Dude in the mirror is like "Hey Urb, I got a bong ready and separated a few lines for ya... are you on TV right now?" LOL!
  14. How in the world does this random journeyman special teams type guy go from a gadget player to a must start type in fantasy? And he is a cheat code too - eligible as RB and WR in most leagues! Can you think of anything similar to this type of emergence late in someone's career? The only one I can think of is when Brandon Lloyd randomly had a 77-1448-11 line with Denver at 29 years old which almost doubled his best year career outputs across the board.
  15. Your Top 5 RB Handcuffs for the season, and why

    AJ Dillon deserves mention. I think he would become a beast if Jones missed time.