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  1. WDIS at RB ? Need two of these four

    I would go with Barber & Taylor. I think Dillor PLUS Maroney equals a big day vs. Detriot, but the problem is they are splitting basically equally and who knows who will have a better day and score. With Taylor you are getting a guaranteed 20+ carries (despite the matchup) and Barber has the hot hand and is very likely to score in this big game vs. Giants.
  2. Romo v. Colts or Leinart v. Lions?

    I'm personally forced to play Leinart this week, but Romo has the hot hand. I'd stick w/him.
  3. Betts/Brown & Fitz/Jackson

    I would play Brown & DJax. Good luck.
  4. WDIS @ RB

    Sea will take it easy with SA, especially if they build a lead against SF.
  5. I've got L.T. --- I've got Gore

    I'd go with Morris... should be a relatively high scoring game.
  6. WDIS: Pick a QB

    Should I start: M. Leinart v. Dal - or - D. Garrard v. Hou Both play at home this week. Leinart is coming off a bye; Garrard is hot and perhaps playing for a starting job. I am leaning towards Leinart mostly because I'm afraid Jax will dominate Hou on the ground and limit Garrard's chances, while Ari will likely need the pass against Dal. (scoring system & team in sig.)
  7. Jacksonville RB's

    ...the incentive thing is BS. They're just trying to have him for an entire season + playoffs.
  8. WDIS WR'S

    I would give the edge to Ward. Pit just isn't getting it done on the ground and a leader like Ward is realizing he has to step it up and do something for the offense. He should continue scoring TDs this week.
  9. Quarterback Quandry

  10. Should P. Manning be benched this week?

    As a long time Bears fan who is really excited to see the offense finally doing something other than force a non-existing run game complemented by four yard passes, I have to say start Peyton. While Rex's matchup is great, they could build a lead, which could limit his chances. Plus, he's still not consistent enough to replace a QB like Peyton in any matchup. Also, there's that old saying, "Always start your studs."
  11. Who's the better kicker?

    Saints offense is well balanced and Carney kicks in better conditions than Graham, although they're both good options.
  12. W.Lundy @Ten -OR- M.Jones-Drew @Phi Matchup alone would point to Lundy, but Jones-Drew is so hot w/TDs that it's hard to ignore him. I guess right now I am leaning towards Lundy, but I am also starting A.Johnson. (Do I really start 2 Texans? ) Should that affect my decision? p.s. My other RB is C.Taylor.
  13. Can start 3 of these 4 RBs this week

    I think you have to go with Taylor and Jackson, who are solid every-week starts, despite the hot hands and good matchups of Lundy and Washington. Tough choice Runt.