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  1. One song

    One song. One I haven't heard in a long time or a new one. I don't care if it's a one hit wonder or from the rare perfect album. I don't care what style of music. One song I should listen to today. Today, I go with: Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
  2. educating our young

    No child left behind.
  3. John Edwards new invention

    If we would just give everyone iphones
  4. Reggie Bush or Rudi Johnson.

    Personally, I take Rudi over Bush no matter what. Williams vs. Owens comes down to the standerd debate of the best WR on a team with few other passing options vs. the best WR on a team with tons of options. I always think it helps a WR to have other talented WRs around him. I'd give the nod to Owens.
  5. Who is the best?

    There's probably 3 or 4 emoticons I'd do.
  6. Drive in movies

    Got to tell you I had the best time. I'm 35 and had never been to one before. It was awesome. Saw Ratatouille and Pirates of the Carribbean World's End. To my dismay it was cheaper than going to a regular movie. I do see the drawbacks of it being 90 degrees at 10:00 PM but it was actually cool last night with thunderstorms to the north which was the way we were facing so Pirates had a background of lightning. Pretty amazing but a late night. Didn't get back to Dallas until about 3:00 am but well worth it. Pirates was too long to be the second movie in a double header and I hadn't seen the first two but it was pretty good. Ratatouille was good too, and the 3-D effect was exceptional IMHO. They had the new Die Hard so thinking of going back in a week or two depending on the weather getting back to normal in which case, probably won't go back until the fall. Anybody else like the drive in? I got the impression they are dying out but it was packed and I certainly want to go again so I'm not sure I get that.
  7. Immigration Bill

    Sounded like bloated, inefficient, expensive big government that, based on past amnesty programs, wouldn't have worked anyways.
  8. OC Fries

    You can buy Old Bay at the store but there was something special about those Blue Crab. One of my civilian friends' dad was a crab fisherman. There was an asian girl that cut our hair at Little Creek and she'd clean your crab for you and make some awesome crab salad just for being able to keep about 1/3 of the meat and all the mustard. Had a keg once at our apartment with a bathtub full of those crab too for boiling and scaring the chicks. It was a blast. I had never lived on the east coast so I had no respect for the blue crab. Tasty. I think the crabcakes we had in Baltimore were Blue Crab too but I'm not positive.
  9. Garnett to the Lakers?

    Then I don't understand what they are thinking unless they now are going to keep Marion? I can see why Minnesota would let Garnett go for the #3 and #11. Atlanta is Atlanta and Amare would at least give fans a reason to show up to watch. What I don't get in Phoenix is why you'd trade Garnett straight-up for Amare unless you've now decided to keep Marion . How are Nash and Garnett in anyway an upgrade over Nash, Marion and Stoudemire? Am I missing some picks to Phoenix too?
  10. I gotta ask...

    I would suppose one would have to look at why someone is waiting in the line.
  11. HealthCare

    It's not complicated.
  12. I think my list would have to start with The Graduate. A little old for my demographic but it's my favorite.
  13. Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time

    If there is a solo in All Along the Watchtower then I'm calling that the best one.
  14. HealthCare

    If private enterprise is so efficient why are companies pitching such a fit when anyone wants to mandate a 50% reduction in greenhouse emmissions in 47 stinking years?
  15. I gotta ask...

    I only use them when I have so much stuff is creates a traffic jam in line. Then I write a check. I give no kudos to the supermarket for finding someone cheaper than illegal Mexicans to replace American workers.