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  1. Ideas for changes to league for upcoming season wanted!

    Noted. They would still have to get it through the uprights though right? At some point having a reliable kicker is optimal. Right? See: Chargers circa: forever.
  2. Watson news - won't face criminal charges

    yes in a court of law it does.
  3. Steelers QB Haskins killed in car hit

    Or they could be dead not wanting to slum it in a Corolla. Mama always said "stupid is as stupid does".
  4. Chargers schedule video

    All they need now is Hello Kitty in the both doing play by play.
  5. Tom Brady returns to Tampa

    You want the best. You got the best! Or at least the GOAT.
  6. I would have said Dairy Queen but sure.
  7. What I find interesting is both QB's had good to great running games and yet both came up way to short with that kind of support.
  8. why do I want that now? lol
  9. I gotta say that I'm not sure paying a boatload of money to Murray is the way to go. When things went just a little sideways his finger pointing and lack of leadership showed. Maybe I'm wrong but Baker and Murray have similarities in this I think.
  10. Cardinals in a bad spot. Damned if they do, Damned if they don't. Hate to say it but if it were up to me I might move on from "Baby Yoda". The fade late season and the running around behind a faltering o-line has me wondering if he can deliver. Right now he is at best like Vick was. At the worst he is like he was in the last Rams game. which was not good btw's.
  11. Rumor/buzz: DK Metcalf to Green Bay??

    this^^^ if there isn't a case of the dropsies in any camp or practice I'd bite early.
  12. Steelers QB Haskins killed in car hit

  13. Steelers QB Haskins killed in car hit

    Good point. My mind did not go there. I guess because if and when my wife and I drink, no one is passing out or driving in that situation.
  14. Steelers QB Haskins killed in car hit

    Hmmmmmmm. Maybe flagging down help? Only thing I can think of that's not on the scummy side of the options.