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  1. Tight End Grateful Dead concert

    All of you not liking the look but guess what? He will get by. He will survive.
  2. Sony Michel to Rams

    Sony has a new lease on life and MAY show what he showed earlier in NE. He could be option 1 with Henderson being a 3rd down back. While I doubt this, it is within the realm. Henderson has shown he is not a true #1. I do realize that Bill's castaways never seem to do as good or better under new management. I took a flier as a looksee.
  3. HAPPY 4TH!!

  4. Kerryon my wayward free agent

    The Lions should have flown Southwest. One Karryon is free.
  5. I cannot trust you as I am here. Now. And telling you I would be nowhere else. Your narrative is bias. Bias spreads hate. We are not who you think we are. We are cultured. We are complicated, but we do not wage war on travelers. We are as passionate as you are. We just prefer sunshine and a life not so cut-throat ...not so rat racey...and possibly more forgiving (if you can afford it). I get around just fine. San Diego is not L.A. Maybe you should come here and witness it for yourself. Life is Not Blue Collar or Hippie. It's what you make of it. That being said I know Ohio takes a lot of hits from those outside. I am sure you can take it though, after all you are America's true heart. Right?
  6. JSYK: Mountains are around us and available in about an hour and a half. Same with the desert. I can be anywhere and everywhere in about 2 hours. Just in Cali. Plane travel has helped me cope with my lack of seasonal change or for anything else I feel the need for.
  7. My only memory of being born in Ohio ( Cuyahoga County) was falling face first into snow as a 3 year old. I didn't much care for it. LOL. Fast forward to my life in sunny San Diego and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't care for it now. PS: My manure smells like sunshine glistening off of a few carne asada tacos during another Tequila Sunrise. LOL
  8. Trevor Lawrence will be a 'bust'

    It's amazing to me that Millions of dollars can be gambled on this outcome. Then again Ryan Leaf proved that it is never certain.
  9. Fan controlled football league!

    I'll pass.
  10. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    I guess for me it's just bias. All I've seen from Chicago is 3 yards and a cloud of dust. lol Cutler tried but was passionless about anything other than smoking, McMahon brought passion but less than stellar skills and won with defense. It just seemed to me that passing is an afterthought and not a priority in the game plan. I wonder what they would do with Wilson. I gotta admit I'd like to find out.
  11. Broncos release A.J. Bouye

    Was used in Jax but rest of career was a little south of meh. Would be depth for a solid team looking to push to SB. 1 TD in 8 years and one year of int and return yards in 2017. Other than that, he may be cooked. Just looking at stats though. Didn't really watch his teams much.
  12. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

  13. Trevor Lawrence holds early pro day workout

    could be the hair that makes him look slight to me.
  14. Trevor Lawrence holds early pro day workout

    Is it me or does he look "slight"?
  15. Chargers fire Anthony Lynn

    So weird that Charger games can be boiled down to the last 85 seconds of the 4th qtr. Almost all losses in any year are within 7 points or a kicker missing a long fg. Herbert looks like a QB that can make a difference but will he? Spanos family ruling by the almighty dollar may have snake bit this team until there is a new owner.