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  1. Raiders investigated for breaking protocols

    If so it is solely due to fatigue. I know I'm tired of this :poop:.
  2. Tua Time in Miami

    I like Fitz in Dallas. I also think that Jerreh will not bend that way ever. I'd like to see it for the good of the league. I think he would be dangerous on the Cowboys as a vet with experience and guile not seen there since Danny White.
  3. Tua Time in Miami Tua named starter.
  4. Tua Time in Miami

    Anyone think Miami is winning the Superbowl ? Anyone think they will BE in the Superbowl? If not then the ultimate goal is to get there and win it, right? Fitz is doing well but he is not the future. I think Tua did ok and should see more time a la New Orleans. Work him in and see. What's the harm?
  5. For Tuesday night football...

    It's all right ...It's all right...It's alllll riiiiight...cuz your Saved By The...well you know.
  6. For Tuesday night football...

    Thank God! I need to use his giant cell phone to call my mom to see if I can stay out later! I used a few vitamins Jessie gave me and I feel like I could bench press AC Slater and finally snatch that wig off of Mr. Belding! Maybe I'll actually make it to college then go to Las Vegas and break up Zak and Kelly!
  7. Tennessee to get "historic" punishment ?

    Not sure about the laughing emoji... I thought about Monty Pythons "bring out your dead" for a second ...but naw. Hope they all pull through and next year will be covid free.
  8. NO lead is safe until . . .

    Kinda reminds me of Arena Football (minus the oh so rabid really drunk indoor soccer fans at the wrong venue).
  9. Saints fan rant

    Think of how those in San Diego felt when the NFL took their ball and left for good. All the history made here in my great city was tossed aside so that LA could have two teams. One of which just sits in a corner and pays rent in a stadium that will now make considerably less with no fans now and if both falter, later. the DON would never believe this was possible. Yet here we are. It should have been voted down by owners but...the money was too good.
  10. Artificial crowd noise

    what? What? WHAT????!

    Browns vs. Bengals will be the game of the week! CUZ: No one can stop anyone and cuz stuff and things happen and also .
  12. How many leagues?

    Down from 4 money leagues to 2 this year! I find that 2 is just about right for me in terms of time investment. So far way more enjoyable.

    Watch this be a 16-13 defensive/sloppy/rusty affair. LOL
  15. Who's ready for this one??? It seems like years since football has been here and I say: It's alright!