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  1. Dolphins have interest in Aaron Jones?

    With how gaskin looked last year, seems like an odd area of focus for MIA.
  2. Wentz to Colts for 3rd and...

    I agree. plus, chicago is a qb graveyard
  3. Jimmy Garoppolo is staying with the 49ers in 2021

    I could get behind drafting the right qb. I also think Rosen could be a bargin
  4. Jimmy Garoppolo is staying with the 49ers in 2021

    JG typically wins when he plays. he was not the issue in 2020. I have been following football for 45 years and have never seen a team hit with so many injuries. no qb could have had a winning season this year with the rotation of missing players. I would prefer that they not trade away assets and let a healthy team do its thing. They still have a young team and a lot of draft picks (maybe trade a few to better their position). In 19 the team had a heavy dose of injuries and he helped get them to a SB ... and was 6 minutes away from winning.
  5. The Brady/Belichick debate is over

    They lost a lot of starters. Not easy to replace, even with a next man up mindset. think back to 2019. The teams was driven by a pretty wonderful defense. I know that they got complacent playing in the afce, but Cam and sanu isn’t enough to compete
  6. The Brady/Belichick debate is over

    often NEP thrive on defense. Didn't 5-10 defenders opt out. Last year they were deprived of talent and they never really addressed it. not only did brady walk into Evans, Godwin, Howard, Brate, Ronald jones...but they brought in fournette, a brown and gronk. I am not sure brady has had as many solid options in his career.
  7. Rumor: Carson Wentz wants out of Philadelphia

    Saints? pats? denver? we also still need to see what minn and and det do.
  8. Jets

    I agree wholeheartedly. I think he would be a wonderful opportunity for jax, however, the jets would be better off trading him (or the pick)
  9. Jets

    who do you believe has a better chance to turn things around quicker jets or jags?
  10. Jets

    This was my original assertion. Of those three years, luck was thought of as the generational qb and was living up to it. that team was prime for a decent qb though... that was the "suck for luck" draft. success is contingent upon many factors (ie: coaching, surround team, front office...). those early contracts can hinder player acquisition. I think there is more to lose when drafting qb early when there is a miss than other positions.
  11. Jets

    2010 Draft: Bradford: 1.1, rams- (1-15 in 09, 7-9 in 10, 2-14 in 11); Steven Jackson, amendola, and not much else Tebow: 1.25, broncos- (8-8 in 09, 4-12 in 10, 8-8 in 11); moreno, br. marshall, brought in DT in 2010 2011 Draft: Cam: 1.1, Panthers- (2-14 in 10, 6-10 in 11, 7-9 in 12); Had stewart, willams, and smith before cam. cam had one the of the best rookie season for a qb Locker: 1.8, Tenn- (6-10 in 10, 9-7 in 11, 6-10 in 12); Chris johnson. Ponder started getting a bulk of starts in 12 Gabbert: 1.10, jax- (8-8 in 10, 5-11 in 11, 2-14 in 12); MJD and lewis. Ponder: 1.12, Minn- (6-10 in 10, 3-13 in 11, 10-6 in 12); had favre, harvin, and AP prior to Ponder. 11 also got rudolph 2012 Draft: Luck: 1.1 indy- (2-14 in 11, 11-5 in 12, 11-5); Addai, wayne, garcon, clark. Griffin III: 1.2 wash- (5-11 in 11, 10-6 in 12, 3-13); gaffney and s. moss Tannehill: 1.8 mia- (6-10 in 11, 7-9 in 12, 8-8 in 13, reggie bush, br. marshall Weeden: 1.22 clev- (4-12 in 11, 5-11, 4-12 in 13), not much... hillis, cribbs have to pause.. this took about an hour +
  12. Jets

    i get it. i am still going to break down the qb's and situations. I am on the run for work, so easy to read and provide a quick response. I am not able to dig until the evenings (if i have energy)
  13. Jets

    when i get some time, i am going to go back 10 years.
  14. Jets

    Not sure how old you were when Manning came into the league, but the colts had some talent and made playoffs before he was drafted. they dipped to 3-13 for a season before drafting him, but had faulk, harrison, dawkins, and pollard. it wasn't a dumpster fire
  15. Jets

    @Gopher Oh, I believe there is value in the pick, just that it is not necessarily in qbs. And that if they do go in that direction, it will not immediately result in wins