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  1. Texans vs Lions (Thanksgiving Day)

  2. Texans vs Lions (Thanksgiving Day)

    Was on the fence on fuller vs aiyuk. Went fuller
  3. Rams vs Buccaneers (MNF)

    Just a disaster of a year for us in that one. Couldn't keep anyone healthy
  4. Rams vs Buccaneers (MNF)

  5. MNF needs (close ones)?

    ahead by 2. i have kupp vs godwin
  6. PNH


    Let us know if you're re-upping for PNH - Looking to schedule off-season F/A periods.






  7. I got you covered like a rubber, G.

  8. Bier is having sex with my wife AND my mother. It's twice as bad because he's always talking about it when we go out for drinks.

    1. rajncajn


      The sad part is that he'd rather have you.

  9. The man knows food and drink. Thanks for the restaurant recommendations!

  10. Animate yourself Simpsons style

    i've been trying since last night...hasn't been working for me
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Which wine should I drink tonight?

    ............ report?
  13. Jamaica, Cancun, Bahammas?

    jamaica was the only time i've ever gone "all inclusive." those places included everything..... booze, food, activities (except tours i believe)..... when you start norrowing down the hotels/resorts you are liking the most, call them directly to see what is and what is not included.... i know some don't include motorized activities (ie: jet skiing, etc), diving, etc. club med restricted you to free bier and wine with meals, but it hink you need beeds to cash in for other drinks throughout the day (i have a friend who worked at club med cancun)... edit: initially the drinks seemed a little weak, but the bartenders never had a problem adding extra shots...and the fact that you can have as many as you like made up for it...... ahhhhh rum drinks on the beach is sonding pretty good right about now....... not sure about best times to travel, but think that aug/sept are hurricane season...not possitive. 2nd edit: sandels negril was right next to hedonism
  14. Jamaica, Cancun, Bahammas?

    honeymooned in jamaica for 2 weeks (1 at sandels negril, 1 at couples ocho rios). liked both... preferred sandels negril. restaurants were better, more beach..... diving was subpar at both spots. there was a place called swept away that we considered...... if we go back we'll stay there. been to cancun and cozumel........ i really enjoy mexico. when i go back i will likely go somewhere a little north of playa del carmen or tulum. cozumel has developed a lot... many more "junk shops," and cruise lines come in often these days. but cozumel has some of the best diving in the world. cancun reminds me of a miami beach as well. prefer the yucatan to jamaica have not been to the bahammas