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  1. So I grabbed Carr for wk12 and 13...

    Carr has had a nice season. Sometimes players underperform in seemingly good matchups. Jets also "should" be a sold start...only hesitation would be if they go up big early and go run heavy in the 2nd half.
  2. OG Check-In

    Would he like his kidney back? I sure we can track it down.
  3. Will Fuller suspended 6 games

    his points per game are pretty healthy when he plays
  4. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    Forgot I had moss early on... with TO in a keeper. Traded moss for ahman green and something else
  5. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    faulk holmes culpepper kamara payton manning
  6. Who's your personal FF MVP?

    I have to imagine that if owners have mahomes, hill, kamara, cook that there is a high probability that they are in the playoff hunt.
  7. Who's your personal FF MVP?

    kelce's consistency in 1.5 ppr has been hugh in one league where i lost chubb , mack, deebo, and aiyuk at different points of the season. On one FFPC team, wilson, ronald jones, and lockett kept me/us competitive. that one we lost barkley, mack, julio,
  8. OG Check-In

    Still a pud I see
  9. OG Check-In

    Wait a second. didn’t you plagiarize keg?
  10. OG Check-In

  11. Texans vs Lions (Thanksgiving Day)

  12. Texans vs Lions (Thanksgiving Day)

    Was on the fence on fuller vs aiyuk. Went fuller
  13. Rams vs Buccaneers (MNF)

    Just a disaster of a year for us in that one. Couldn't keep anyone healthy
  14. Rams vs Buccaneers (MNF)