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  1. Week 7 Chat

    seems like a slow start
  2. i need dropp 2

    So, this does not tell the whole story... Type of league? why the drops? Who for? Scoring? Options to trade?
  3. i need dropp 2

    Who does #2 work for?
  4. Falcons vs Packers (MNF)

    Ouch. Down less than 2 in FFPC with Julio going
  5. Week 4 Chat

    back in
  6. Week 4 Milk Carton

  7. Week 4 Chat

    Rough FF year with higher % of injuries and covid's ambiguous scheduling.
  8. Chiefs - Patriots being moved to Mon/Tue

    I'd prefer they just outright cancel and reschedule. I would rather know they were not playing.
  9. Broncos vs Jets (TNF)

    I wouldn’t be disappointed
  10. Broncos vs Jets (TNF)

    I’d be happy with15 from Melvin
  11. Should this trade be allowed?

    Sounds like maximizing assets to field a winning team. Not sure if it even matters, but... redraft, keeper, or dynasty?
  12. End A Fight In 3-5 Seconds

    As someone who is on several boards, The huddle seems pretty neutral. There are a few posters who will occasionally offer a politically charged post here and there, but it is relatively rare.
  13. Week 2 Chat

    Well, If they are using it as a deterrent to kept the league and schedule intact, I get it. A breakout with a 16 game schedule is more hurtful than baseball, basketball, and hockey, where there is more opportunity to make up games.
  14. Premier League begins!

    Casually following EPL. Psyched about Bundesliga
  15. Courtland Sutton active

    he actually posted a "decent" stat line. one ffpc team has had a very rough go this season...kittle, mack, sutton. the other one lost barkley, mack.
  16. how are you watching NFL?

    YouTube tv
  17. Courtland Sutton active

  18. Remember Me & No One

  19. Missing Tiers in The Huddle Cheat Sheets

    Do what you like. I always adjust based on my projections anyway. Part of my draft prep.
  20. how are you watching NFL?

    I have been with Directv for about 25 years. The dance this year has been the most frustrating I have ever experienced. I called sunday and got the deal I wanted. Monday I received an email with a statement that showed an increase to $231/month. I call Tuesday and they have no record of my conversation on sunday. I cancelled. While I am waiting for the typical winback email or phone call, I set up a month's trial of Youtube tv. It will be about $70/month after the promo. It has NFL network and redzone. As I am getting to know it and navigate better, I am really liking it. There are a few things I prefer with Directv, but can see myself moving on from the annual hastle. I can purchase ST via PS4 (which will be the first time in a very long time), but I feel like it is justifiable due to significantly lower monthly cost. I also have Netflix and Amazon Prime (but that was a constant anyway).
  21. how are you watching NFL?

    ps4 has a sunday ticket option
  22. Missing Tiers in The Huddle Cheat Sheets

    Convert it to excel. Move players around and create your own tiers.
  23. Fournette waived!

    ... BA keeps talking up jones as his 3 down back, but brings in mccoy and Fournette. Fournette will take over. It's just a matter of when.
  24. Trade

    No. You have a young, top 3 back. If you should decide to deal him you need to get equitable value in return (or maybe fortify a couple of other positions on your team).
  25. Fournette waived!

    TBB it is