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  1. IMPORTANT! Calling All Pirates.... We need more crew!

    Pirates, Cap’n Davies has elected to take a life raft and escape th’ Dutchman. His life has become to busy for piratin’ and pillagin’—- so we need one new owner to take over his ship on th’ Dutchman if ye’ know anyone . I be thankin’ ye for yer’ help finding new crew in advance. What with the pandemic it’s been tough for me to get to Tortuga:
  2. Wildcard games chat

    I’m loving this guy Heinicke. No one told him he’s not supposed to win.
  3. 2020 Black Sails payouts

    Payouts are complete. All have been sent out via Venmo other than Vic’s who has been sent via PayPal. Congrats again to all ye pirates!
  4. 2020 Black Sails payouts

    Here be the payouts for the 2020 season. Congrats to Th’ Champions of Th’ Black Pearl (Vic) and Th’ Dutchman (Iris). You guys had great teams and put it all together at the right time to win. Revenue - $960 Overhead League cost - $79.95 Trophy value Pirate King - $26.94 Bobblin Pirate Trophy - $24.94 Balance - $828.17 .35 x 828.17 = $289.86 + $26.94 = $316.80 to Vic *sending value of Pirate King trophy in lieu of trophy for now due to prohibitive cost to ship to Canada at the moment. .15 x 828.17 = $124.23 to Yang .1 x 828.17 = $82.82 to Jordan .3 x 828.17 = $248.45 to Iris .1 x 828.17 = $82.81 to Cap’n Dave If you haven’t already let me know how you’d like me to send you your pieces of eight. Congrats all on making it through the season and having a little bit of fun while we were at it. I hope to see you all back in 2021.
  5. Jets

    Oh man I’d love that. Sam deserves a good coach. He’s got so much heart. He’d really thrive there.
  6. Jets

    I still really like Sam. I think with a good coach he can turn things around. Gase sucks. Sam is still only 23. If I could trade Goff for Darnold I’d make that trade.
  7. 2021 Crew

    These pirates be the tentative crew of the 2021 ship assuming all come back. Th' Black Pearl Pitcairn Plankdancers - Chuck Ramage (BigChuckPGH) Quaker Cove Wench Vessel - Iris Karasick (Iris) Redondo Jolly Rodgers - Kevin Krump (KRUMP) San Dimas Sea Dogs - Cap'n Dave Henson (Trojanmojo)Sin City Scallywags - Brian Gulsvig (Gullydog) SoCal ChARRRRRRgers - Jordan Greenberg (SoCal ChaRRRRRRgers) Whitecourt Blackbeards - Vic (McLucksack) Yang City Hornswagglers - Jason Yang (JYANG) Th' Flyin' Dutchman Barataria Bay Booty Snatchers - Matt Hendrickson (Black Jack Bednarik) Chesapeake Bay Pirates - Matt Weaver (Vcuram00) Cincinnati Gives No Quarter - Douglas Richards (dug) Fore 'n' Craft - Mason Williams (TheGhostOfDanDoornick) Mauraders of Island Long - Howard Leeds (FWmaker) Seattle Pieces of Eights - Laurie Ladd (eights) We Ho Coxswains - Andrew Woloz (AWOLOZ) OUT Loch Ness Monsters - Peter Davies (GooseAmbassadorToJapan)
  8. NFL Week 16 ( Saturday Edition)

    When Stafford went down apparently his day ended along with the rest of the team’s. This team has no heart.
  9. NFL Week 16 ( Saturday Edition)

    At this point Tampa should consider putting in their backups. They’ll still coast to a win.
  10. NFL Week 16 ( Saturday Edition)

    Detroit looks like they’ve given up.
  11. 2020 Black Sails Post-season matchups are set

    It’s down to you vs Mason in the Scurvy Dog Bowl! You can still avoid being the league’s Scurvy Dog!
  12. All, the playoff brackets are set! In Th’ Black Pearl Championship Bracket: Th’ Whitecourt Blackbeards arrrrrr the #1 seed and will take on the SoCal ChaRRRRRRgers who snuck into the 4th seed just long enough to have the Kraken make off with his first mate Darren Waller. In the other championship bracket game, Th’ #2 seed Redondo Jolly Rodgers will host Th’ #3 seeded Yang City Hornswagglers. The winners in week 15 will move on to Th’ Pearl’s League championship game while the losers will play for 3rd place booty. In Th’ Black Pearl Consolation bracket (formally known as The Cap'n's Crapper): Th’ #5 seeded Marauders Of Island Long will host Th’ #8 seeded, Darren Waller-led Pitcairn Plankdancers. In the other game, th’ #6 seeded Seattle Pieces of Eights will host Th’ Barataria Bay Booty Snatchers. The winners of both of those games will move on to Th’ Bilge Rat Bowl with the winner of that game escaping relegation. The remaining 3 teams in Th’ Crapper will get flushed to Th’ Flyin’ Dutchman and will play there in the 2021 season. **Note: there’s no week 16 game for the 2 week 15 losers in the Cap’n’s Crapper as there’s nothing left to play for. In Th’ Flyin’ Dutchman Championship Bracket: There was a very rare 5-way tie for first so we pivot to the second tie-breaker (H2H record in the case of a tie between 2 teams and TOTAL POINTS SCORED for the season in the case of 3 or more teams tied—see Pirate code 6.2 and 6.7). In applying this tie-breaker, Fore N Craft was the lowest scoring team among the 5 teams that finished 8-6 so -sadly- they fell to the Scurvy Dog bracket. Th’ Sin City Scallywags were the top scoring team in Th’ Dutchman and arrrrrr the #1 seed and will be taking on the #4 seeded San Dimas Sea Dogs. In the other championship bracket game, the #2 seeded We Ho Coxswains will take on the #3 seeded Quaker Cove Wench Vessels. The winners in week 15 will move on to Th’ Dutchman’s League championship game while the losers will play in the 3rd place game. The winner of the 3rd place game will be promoted to Th’ Black Pearl for the 2021 season (though there’s no 3rd place payout for Th’ Dutchman). In Th’ Dutchman’s Consolation bracket (formally known as The Scurvy Dog Bracket): Th’ #5 seeded Fore ‘N Craft will host Th’ #8 seeded, Corey Davis-led Loch Ness Monsters. In the other game, th’ #6 seeded Chesapeake Bay Pirates will host #7 seeded Cincinnati Gives No Quarter. Both losers in week 15 will move on to the Scurvy Dog Bowl in week 16 to play each other for the infamous Scurvy Dog designation. The loser of this week 16 game is the league's "Scurvy Dog." Per league rule 6.19, The league champion will have the right to name the "Scurvy Dog's” team for the 2021 season. **Note: there’s no week 16 game for the 2 week 15 winners in the Scurvy Dog Bracket as there’s nothing left for these teams to play for either. Hit me back with any questions or read the league rules here for more info on the playoffs, seeding, etc: Good luck to all!
  13. 2020 Black Sails Official Pillage Thread

    A successful pillage ya barnacle-covered Scallywag! Ya took me wideout! A pox on the Kraken!
  14. 2020 Black Sails Official Pillage Thread

    Privateer Walller has been snatched by Chuck’s Kraken and devoured!
  15. 2020 Black Sails Official Pillage Thread

    yarrrrrrrrrr! The kraken be hungry this evening! Juju is Pitcairn’s kraken so ye be takin’ a -1 and all of these pirates will be stayin aboard Pitcairns vessel. Chuck can go ahead and have his kraken attempt to feast upon SoCal’s crew at his earliest convenience.