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  1. 2022 Payment Thread

    Payment for $65 pieces of eight to commissioner for league dues is due! Paypal or venmo accepted. I can take checks if need be (PM or email me for my mailing addy for checks if you need it. It's the same as last year). Payment info is below….. PayPal: Venmo: Thanks all and good luck Pirates! 2022 Paid: Th’ Black Pearl San Dimas Sea Dogs - (Trojanmojo) - MFL software paid on May 24, 2022 ($149.95); league dues paid via bank transfer on May 25 = $65 ORre'gon RumRunners - (Devilwoman) - league dues paid via paypal on May 27 = $65 Sin City Scallywags - (Gullydog) - league dues paid via paypal on June 18 = $65 Th’ Flyin’ Dutchman Mauraders of Island Long - (FWmaker) - league dues paid via venmo on June 10 = $65
  2. 2022 Payment Thread

    aye received!
  3. 2022 Crew

    These pirates be th’ crew of the 2022 ship. Th' Black Pearl ARRe-gon's Rum Runners - Ellen Crownover (Devilwoman) Chesapeake Bay Pirates - Matt Weaver (Vcuram00) Cincinnati Gives No Quarter - Douglas Richards (dug) Quaker Cove Wench Vessel - Iris Karasick (Iris) Redondo Jolly Rodgers - Kevin Krump (KRUMP) San Dimas Sea Dogs - Cap'n Dave Henson (Trojanmojo) Sin City Scallywags - Brian Gulsvig (Gullydog) Whitecourt Blackbeards - Vic Steil (McLucksack) Th' Flyin' Dutchman Barataria Bay Booty Snatchers - Matt Hendrickson (Black Jack Bednarik) Mauraders of Island Long - Howard Leeds (FWmaker) Seattle Pieces of Eights - Laurie Ladd (eights) SoCal ChARRRRRRgers - Jordan Greenberg (SoCal ChaRRRRRRgers) St. Augustine Swashbucklers - Tim Strickler (GoTitans84) Tortuga Gibbits - Ryan Kofman (TBD) We Ho Coxswains - Andrew Woloz (AWOLOZ) Yang City Hornswagglers - Jason Yang (JYANG) IN St. Augustine Swashbucklers - Tim Strickler (GoTitans84) OUT Pitcairn Plankdancers - Charles Ramage (BigChuckPGH)
  4. we still have an open ship in port. Join ARRRRRR crew and have the best time ye evarrrrrrrr had on the seven seas only not actually on the seven seas. PM me farrrrrrrrrrrr info.
  5. Black Sails be lookin’ for hearty privateers to make sail on it’s maiden voyage. Are ye’ a hearty fantasy football playin’ pirate lookin’ a new adventure? Then grab yer’ cutlass and join the crew of “Black Sails.” We be a hearty crew of now 20 privateers seeking 3 scurvy pirates to take part in our inaugural campaign. We are a full redraft league (with 2-10 team leagues within a league) with relegation and promotion, a mid-season plundarrrrrr, a post-season pillage, pirate trophies and all the pirate speak you can shake a peg leg at! Buy in is $60 pieces of 8 (or 60 dollarrrrrrrs). Other rules: Draft: Slow online draft that should take about 10-14 days to complete starting mid-August. Waivers: weekly waiver run Wednesday’s then FCFS. Playoffs: Top 5 in each conference make it. The bottom five play to avoid relegation. Schedule: each team plays every other team in their division twice and the rest of the teams in their league once. Payouts: Top 3 in each conference get paid out. Don’t be a scurvy dog! Read our rules and reserve your ship now here: League website:
  6. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    Kinda feels like he's proven that he can be.
  7. League Hosting Sites

    Fantrax does allow for all of these. I do believe the multiple player pool thing requires a paid acct but it's cheaper than the MFL option. I have found fantrax to be very buggy with the multiple player pool option though and that led to us moving to MFL.
  8. Yarrrrrrrr!!!!!! We be needin’ another sucker (err privateer) to join arrrrrrrrrr crew. Who here has the guts to join this band of pirates!? Ye be never havin’ this much fun playin’ fantasy football. Grab yer ship now on board th’ Flyin’ Dutchman. 🏴‍☠️
  9. 49ers vs. Cowboys

    PFF gave him a grade of 54.5 on the game. Not a real good grade.
  10. Brian Flores Fired in Miami

    Until they have a new owner it’ll be like shuffling deck chairs on the titanic.
  11. Working from home again

    i love working from home but it takes a lot of work to keep up my mental health. Gotta make sure to take walks and get out as much as you can. I feel like I’m on a submarine sometimes and find myself going days without leaving the house. Not good. But I sure don’t miss the 50-60 hours a month I used to spend in my car going back and forth to work. Plus, I get to actually see my family which has been nice 😉.
  12. Baker Mayfield Gives Browns Ultimatum on Trade Demand

    Baker really sucked this year so it was surprising to me that they didn’t play Keenum more. It was obvious the shoulder was bothering Baker. His mechanics were off most of the year.
  13. A heARRRRRRty pat on the back to meself fer’ takin’ the th’ pearl championship and title o’ Th’ Pirate King! YARRRRRRRR! 🏴‍☠️ Congrats also to Ellen who wins th’ Dutchman in harrrrrrrrrrrr first season in Black Sails. Well done Ellen! More huzzahs also to all th winners of booty and to those who won promotion. Ellen, Doug and Matthew Weaver all will move up to Th’ Pearl next year fer’ finishin’ top 3 in th’ Dutchman. Congrats also to Brian. By winning the Bilge Rat Bowl, Brian gets another year aboard the pearl. 2021 Black Sails payouts are as follows. Revenue - $1040 Overhead League cost - $149.90 Pirate King Trophy - $26.94 Bobblin Pirate Trophy - $24.94 Balance - $838.22 Th’ Pearl .35 x $838.22 = $293.38 + Th’ Pirate King Trophy to Cap’n Dave H. ‘o San Dimas .15 x $838.22 = $125.73 to First Mate Krump in Redondo .1 x $838.22 = $83.82 to Vic of the great white north in Whitecourt Canada Th’ Dutchman .3 x $838.22 = $251.47 + Th’ Bobblin Pirate trophy to first year Cap’n Ellen o’ Th’ RumRunners o’ ARRRRRRRRgon! .1 x $838.22 = $83.82 to Dug in Cincy On the other end of the poop deck, Seattle Pieces of ……. take the scurvy dog designation giving yers truly naming rights of Seattle’s ship fer the 2022 season. Yarrrrrrrrrr! Who would have thought ye’d be sunk by Zeke and Kamara! In other bad news, relegated from th’ pearl and sent to the depths fer 2022 arrrrrrrrrr Jordan, Yang, and Chuck. To the depths ya Lilly-livered barnacles! Ellen, I be shippin’ yer trophy out soon. Ye should have by end of next week so keep an eye out. Th’ 2022 Ships shall be: Th’ Black Pearl San Dimas Redondo Whitecourt Quaker Cove Sin City ARRRegon Cincy Chesapeake Bay Th’ Dutchman SoCal Pitcairn Yang City Tortuga Barataria Bay We Ho Island Long Seattle Thanks to all th’ crew fer yer service on board these ships this yarrrrrrrrrrrrr! Now back to my rum! 🍹
  14. With the added week this year to the NFL schedule we have the option to lengthen our schedule by a week. To keep the schedules balanced I propose we add an all-play week in week 1 where all teams compete against the league average score for the week in their league. We did this in another league of mine and it worked a lot better than I’d anticipated and think it’s a good and fair option for our league. What say ye? It would bring us to a 15 game schedule and still a 2 week postseason.
  15. 2022 Rule Change proposal- schedule

    I’ll ruminate on it and see if there’s a way to do it. Maybe week 18 ….Could do them like a pirate duel with a booty for the winners that week of $5. 1s play 8s, 2s play 7s etc… or the 1s play the 1s , the 2s play the 2s etc.
  16. What should the Saints do at QB?

    He wouldn’t have to move very far and can likely be had.
  17. 2022 Rule Change proposal- schedule

    Got it. We can vote on it but I personally don’t see the point of a week of exhibition games and I’m not sure how to implement games in the schedule that don’t count towards the standings or playoffs. I’d vote against. I’d still rather have what I proposed as it still allows a balanced schedule, counts towards the standings and is easy and low-maintenance for the commish to implement. The rest of the league can chime In on this though and we’ll figure it out. I’m just 1 of 16 pirates so if everyone feels strongly about a certain concept I’d have to be open to it.
  18. 2022 Rule Change proposal- schedule

    I’d vote against it due to the unbalanced schedule that would create. If anything I think we play against the league average in week one then continue with the current setup or just keep as is.
  19. Longtime BoTH 14 team dynasty IDP league needs 5 new owners to take over open teams. Annual dues are $75 40 man rosters 15 man DTS Annual 8 round rookie draft in May Free agency in April Half PPR Lots of fun. Open Teams: Permian Wolves Sons of the Tundra Pennsyltucky Fighting Amish Syracuse Asylum New Mexico Outlaws League site: League forum: pw: gogmx League rules: Hit me back if interested.
  20. Defense/Special Teams Scoring

    I’m open to that if MFL scoring allows that configuration.
  21. 2021 Black Sails Official Pillage Thread

    That tharrrrrrrrrr be a successful pillage! Ye swift-boated th' Scallywags! That concludes the pillage. Every who picked up playARRRRRRs make sure you make room for them so I can move them onto your roster. You'll need to drop and/or move players to IR to do so ASAP so please get on it! EVERYONE has a game this week one way or another. We have a free agent run tomorrow as usual so please make your drops and IR moves tonight or early tomorrow so I can adjust rosters before the run. Good luck to all in the post-season.
  22. Th’ Black Pearl Order of teams that may pillage 1. San Dimas Sea Dogs - SUCCESSFUL PILLAGE 2. Redondo Jolly Rodgers - SUCCESSFUL PILLAGE 3. Quaker Cove Wench Vessel - SUCCESSFUL PILLAGE 4. Whitecourt Blackbeards - SUCCESSFUL PILLAGE Teams that may be pillaged: Teams already pillaged (may no longer be pillaged): Yang City Hornswagglers Pitcairn Plankdancers SoCal ChARRRRRRgers Sin City Scallywags Th’ Flyin’ Dutchman Order of teams that may pillage 1. Tortuga Gibbits - SUCCESSFUL PILLAGE 2. Chesapeake Bay Pirates - SUCCESSFUL PILLAGE 3. ORre’gon RumRunners - KRAKEN! 4. Cincinnati Gives No Quarter - SUCCESSFUL PILLAGE Teams that may be pillaged: Teams already pillaged (may no longer be pillaged): We Ho Coxswains Barataria Bay Booty Snatchers Seattle Pieces of Eights Mauraders of Island Long
  23. 2021 Black Sails Official Pillage Thread

    The KRAKEN has devoured Mike Evans! Oh the hugh manatee!
  24. 2021 Black Sails Official Pillage Thread

    Successful pillage! Ye be getting some booty from th' ChARRRRRRRgers today! Vic may make his pillage attempt on Sin City whenever he's ready....
  25. 2021 Black Sails Official Pillage Thread

    That thARRRRRRR be a SUCCESSFUL PILLAGE! All 3 of these drunken privateers will be boardin' yer ship momentARRRRRRRily!