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  1. Super Bowl Starters

    I like Boldin and Galloway. With no running game in Detroit it makes it easier to double team Williams.
  2. TD Only league Who will score more TD this week (pick one)? Drew Brees @ NY Giants Tom Brady @ Jac Who will score more TD this week (pick two)? Steven Alexander vs. San Diego Frank Gore vs. Arizona Jamal Lewis @ Pitt Ron Dayne vs. Indy Arlen Harris vs. Chicago As of now I am going with Alexander and Gore shoud I considre starting someone else on my bench. Who will score more TD this week (pick two)? Lee Evans vs. Ten Joey Galloway @ Cle Brylon Edwards vs TB Kellen Winslow vs TB Reche Caldwell @ Jac Greg Jennings vs. Min
  3. QB Help

    I would take my chances with Smith.
  4. QB Help

    Rivers and Smith. Rivers still dumps the little short screens to LT who usually finds the end zone when he gets.
  5. Help! TENN or SF def!

    I would play the Titans defense. The SF packer game could be a shoot out.
  6. Sunday Morning Overcoaching

    I think Hass, Jones, and Henderson will score you the most points. I like Stallworth, but with Colston out and Horn hurting I can see Henderson having a big day.
  7. choice between 2 RB?

    I would go with Henry, if he does not go out with an injury today he should post close to 100yds and a TD.
  8. S.O.S.

    I agree with stduke, sit Furrey
  9. WDIS at QB

    Two very good QB's but Hass has not looked that great since his return. Go with the hot hand in Romo.
  10. tight end help?

    I would start Clark. Kickers who knows with these guys it's hit or miss with them each week. I would probably lean towards Goulde, I can see him kicking more FG's and carney kicking mor XPT's this week, but end the end they will probably score about the same.
  11. WDIS for my 3 WRs...tough call!

    Driver Boldin Glenn For some strange reason the Oakland pass defense is pretty good and based no the depth of wideouts you have I would sit Housh this week.
  12. This is it playoffs

    TD only League QB - Who will find the end zone more today. Pick one Tom Brady(NE) @ Miami Drew Brees(NO) @ Dallas WR - Who will find the end zone more today. Pick two Joey Galloway vs. Atlanta Greg Jennings(GB) @ San Fran Lee Evans @ NY Jets Reche Caldwell @ Miami
  13. RB Help

    Edge and Taylor Holt and Evans

    Return points? Wow!!! Welker hands down.
  15. WDIS...Win and In Scenario

    I would go with Grossman this week. He plays a lot better at home plus Minnesota defense is 1st against the run and last against the pass. I would also go with Maroney based on the mathcup.