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  1. Anybody watch the Sugar Bowl?

    They should take them off that stupid pregame show and put them in the booth for the playoff games !!!!
  2. hawks - cowboys

    Maybe TO will pull out a sharpie and sign you one of his touchdown catches !!!!!!
  3. DMD Playoff Game Predictions

    DMD....When are the rankings for the whole playoffs coming out ??? I have my draft tonight and could really use it !!!!!!
  4. Does anyone know of sites that have the playoff rankings of players ???? I know the huddle will do one eventually but was curious to see other options....
  5. Draft rankings for playoffs....

    happy now..... honest mistake....I thought it was only for a week....
  6. Draft rankings for playoffs....

    It was up for a week....that was the sigline bet wasn't it ?????????????????
  7. Birds VS Boys sig bet

    Just got back from the holiday.....Im paying up.....
  8. The Eagles/Cowboys Game.....

    Count me in for the Cowboys.......
  9. Why am I not surprised by this?

    Maybe the fans should not show up at the begining of the season.....or at all for the season....then maybe the franchise will do something about their management ....buying a ticket a being there for the whole game then leaving with 8 minutes left will do nothing.... plus the cowboys will be probably up by 21 by that time anyway !!!!!!!!
  10. Blaze of Glory for Favre?

    Primetime performance ????? Its on the NFL Network which half the country doesnt even get !!!!!
  11. How is B-West not a Pro-Bowler?

    Westy wont be on a talk show program next year too...... but the bottom line is that the NFL did it to send off Barber into the sunset with a thank you.....that is why he is there. Westy should be included in the game but no one ever said life is fair...... TO who leads the league is the one who should be pissed..... but I actually like the fact that everyone doesnt go....its better that way.....unlike the All Star game where you have to have a guy from everyteam represented....and the baseball allstar game is a bunch of crap also... even more so than the ProBowl...actually it might be a tie !!!!
  12. There is a multitude of reasons...... 1) People can associate better with football players because they dont have the guaranteed contract, they can have a bad couple weeks and be fired... just like everyone else 2) The thuggery in the NBA is right in your face... look at the tattoos on the basketball court... over half these guys have their arms filled with them (Im sure they have them in the NFL also, but you can't see them) 3) The NBA promotes individual players so therefore their personal behavior is taken into account whereas the NFL promotes teams 4) You can easily say in a lot of sports that today the greatest to play the games are in the sport, LT best running back, Tiger Woods best golfer, Peyton Manning best QB, the same goes for baseball... Bonds chasing Aaron, Clemens....etc but in basketball no one looks up to these guys in the sense that people looked up to Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson Just my perspective
  13. T.O. Number 1 in my book

    Tell Deangelo Hall that he has lost a step....maybe Deangelo didnt see him run right by him because of the loogie in his eye
  14. Basically I picked JJ last nite and he killed me....luckily I had the spitting TO and Romo to save some face...but need a big day out of my other back... Who should it be ? Benson vs. Tampa or Fragile Fred
  15. Fragile Fred or Benson

    Sorry about the wrong forum.....
  16. T Jones or Housh for the flex?

    Is TJ even playing today ????? Easily Housh in a shoutout
  17. WDIS at RB

    It doesnt look like Thomas Jones is going to play.....Taylor practiced but the hammy scares me.... Who should I start JJ vs. Falcons Benson vs. Tampa Bay Taylor vs. Houston
  18. DST or not DST?

    I would play NO
  19. W.D.I.S.

    Not to sure about your strategy....because what happens when Manning throws to Wayne or Fletcher....but I would play Utech because I think he is the better play than LJ Smith who has been non existent since Garcia took over.
  20. Jennings, Keyshon or Galloway

    Not very good but I would go with Keyshaw vs Pitt
  21. Bulger vs. Rivers

    I would play Rivers.... Oakland Pass D is top ranked
  22. Taylor vs. Edge

    I would gamble and go with Fred.....Edge will do nothing against Denver