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  1. Wentz to Colts for 3rd and...

    If it does work in Indy, it'll make phi front office look bad
  2. Trevor Lawrence holds early pro day workout

    Or that he looks like Eric stoltz's character from The Mask.
  3. Trevor Lawrence holds early pro day workout

    He should've had surgery a month ago. What's the point of a pro day?
  4. Super Bowl predictions

    I was thinking 6 ol and TEs.
  5. Super Bowl predictions

    How come teams with OL issues don't just put a 6th OL out there for the entire game?
  6. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    Tom Brady is racist
  7. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    (the really bad word)ing horrible
  8. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    That look on kelce's face tells me the game is already over
  9. Chiefs vs Buccaneers (Superbowl)

    There ya go
  10. Teams asking about Wentz

    Uhh what?
  11. NFL salary cap might drop to $180 million in 2021

    I think you guys will be very happy with Winston. In the year he threw too many interceptions, he also had one of the highest yards per attempt. Attempts. If he throws under 10 interceptions next year, y'all will go nuts and cruise to the post season.
  12. Super Bowl predictions

    Yeah but this is sports history. Kind of like saying, "i hope Babe Ruth goes 0-4 today."
  13. Britt Reid Involved in Serious Car Crash

    Lol I know we have one thing in common... We both take being a dad seriously and are honored to be dads to our respective kids. No matter else, i like and respect you for that
  14. Britt Reid Involved in Serious Car Crash

    I've given this more thought... Guys like Andy Reid are actually worse that an absentee parent. When the parent "stays" but makes a choice that tells the kids that something in life is more important than them, it (the really bad word)s with their heads. Reid told his sons, by his actions... I love football more than you. Can you imagine? I could be wrong about Reid,but I'm talking about society in general. Not being there at all might be better than being there and "telling" the kids first hand, "i don't love you"