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  1. Unfortunately, elway, ellis, the "trust" like fangio, for some reason. League needs to force them to sell. Trust already said the only bowlen kid eligible is Brittany, but she's 5-10 years away from being actually qualified. Once they declared Beth unqualified, they should have sold.
  2. Dic Fangio compared the qbs to his children when his children were young. He said he might punish the qbs. He compared adults to children and might punish them. This team will be dysfunctional until it's sold.
  3. Denver STILL does NOT have a quarantine qb but we now have a quarantine PK! CHAMPIONSHIP
  4. Denver is embarrassing. Playing a coach has been against the rules for years.
  5. Fangio needs to be fired. yesterday Local radio played a clip of Fangio a month ago dismissing the idea of keeping a QB isolated. Then today, he dismissed the idea again. He threw his QBs under the bus, backed it up and did it again. He has thrown many coaches and players under the bus. He takes almost no responbility for anything. He doesn't know when to call time outs, nor whether to go for it, punt, or kick a FG. Dude sucks. Fangio, take some responsibility. If the job is too big for you, be a man and step down.
  6. Thanks! Local radio ripped Denver coaching staff today for not supporting and protecting Hinton better
  7. Taysom Hill killing Kamara

    Guys on the 2nd team are typically more comfortable with each other
  8. The celebrations on sacks or tackles for losses on a team that has no qb. Maybe I'm just being overly sympathetic for a kid (hinton) who barely made the practice squad and just trying his best. I know, there is no try, do or do not. Also, duck you yoda
  9. Saints def is behaving with no class
  10. OG Check-In

    :barf: "I'm my own best friend"
  11. So not this week but dec.7?
  12. Peterson & Gore

    Yup, Peterson still abusing young guys
  13. OG Check-In

    Pretty sure only og post now. Not much new blood stick around. Not even og like keggerz post much