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  1. Obama weaponized the IRS. In addition, this was am attack on small banks and credit unions. This would've been onerous and small banks would've been forced to sell to the bigs.
  2. LLD 2021 Roster Moves

    Thanks. I can't edit anything
  3. Trade Opie and rhino - Processed

    Processed I'm going to extend ee one year. Need a commish to process cash $15 Contract edited from one to two years
  4. LLD 2021 Roster Moves

    I dropped drew sample, two years. I'll edit my dead years
  5. Mr. Big | Opie Year 2022 Round 1 Draft Pick from Mr. Big | Opie Year 2022 Round 2 Draft Pick from Mr. Big | Opie Year 2022 Round 2 Draft Pick from Solitaire | The Rhinos Solitaire | The Rhinos Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB Year 2022 Round 5 Draft Pick from Solitaire | The Rhinos
  6. It's not about now. Work him in slowly, get him to 100% by the end of the year and be ready for playoff run next season
  7. Want TE or RB

    Offering first and second round and cash
  8. Nick Chubb ruled out week 7 TNF game

    If Denver had baker, I'd be thinking playoffs
  9. Who's the doofus now?

    What's wrong with gaskin?
  10. Eagles trade TE Zach Ertz to Cardinals

    Anyone know if that's allowed?
  11. Buccaneers vs Eagles (TNF)

    This x100 So is PHI's coaches any good?
  12. The Race to 1,000,000 honoree

    Well, this whole thing went as expected.